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Planning A Destination Wedding In Paris

What better location for a destination wedding than the one coined the City of Love: Paris, France! While most couples think ‘beaches’ when they imagine a destination wedding, dreams of a wedding in Paris exude elegance, stunning beauty and breathtaking views and activities to do during your stay. There is a lot to know about choosing Paris as your dream wedding destination, so let us help you out.

Planning A Destination Wedding In Paris

When is the Best Time to Go?

Paris is beautiful all year round, so the decision of season is completely up to the couple. Springtime comes highly recommended from wedding coordinators in Paris because the city is waking up from its winter slumber and flowers have begun to bloom. Quiet garden ceremonies are of course ideal in the spring and summer time, but expect to pay premiums in the summer months for your travel, hotel and wedding location and reception. Wintertime is more reasonably priced and just as beautiful.

What Kind of Paperwork Will I Need?

Applicants for marriage in Paris will have had to live in the city for at least 40 days and have proof of this such as a utility bill or a French social security card; this means that if you are not or have never lived in France, you cannot get married. Many people choose to have a civil ceremony at home and then a symbolic one in France in order to get around this law.

What Should I Bring Along from Home?

When trying to pack for any type of travel, it can be difficult to know exactly what you should and shouldn’t bring along and what is better to buy when you arrive. This can be particularly difficult when traveling for a destination wedding because there are a lot of items to consider taking along. I find that the best approach is to pack the items you absolutely need like your wedding dress and tiara and then try to fit in whatever else you can. Also, there are some things that simply can’t come along for the flight such as those cheap sparklers you bought for the send-off line because they aren’t allowed on planes. By using a combination of what you can take along and what you have space for should help you create a shortlist and make the most of the limited space you have for bringing along wedding accessories and supplies.

Where Should I Get Married?

There are many different locations to choose from; however, places like Notre Dame or the Eiffel Tower are national monuments and cannot be closed for private functions. Many people choose to be married at a smaller church or another location and then travel to different locations such as the aforementioned, the Lourve or outdoor gardens to take their first photos as a newlywed couple.

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