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Numerous Positive Effects Of Oxandrolone On Its Users

Numerous Positive Effects Of Oxandrolone On Its Users

Oxandrolone is regarded as an anabolic produced by Genesis Pharmaceuticals or Balkan Pharmaceuticals. This medication is also popular with brand names, such as Oxandrin, Lonavar, and Anavar among others and is identified as an artificial oral active anabolic-androgenic steroid. This prescription drug became available in the US in the year 1964. This medication is a 17 alpha-methyl derived from dihydrotestosterone. According to the reviews, it is habitually used for the promotion of weight loss that happened due to various reasons like severe trauma, chronic infections or other medical reasons. In addition, this medication also promotes the development of muscle tissue and it is medically taken for decreasing the quantity of muscle loss.

Those who have had experience with Oxandrin find this medication not to be very toxic. It has mild anabolic and slight androgenic properties and can be taken by the bodybuilders and athletes of both the sexes. Medical professionals and researchers have used this medication for treating different disorders and these disorders include Turner syndrome, idiopathic short stature body mass loss resulting from long-term corticosteroid treatment or catabolic illness. Even problems like osteoporosis, hereditary angioedema, anemia, hypogonadism, and HIV/AIDS induced wasting diseases can be treated with this medication. Numerous bodybuilders use this medication for its potent muscle-building qualities generally buying it from the black-market suppliers.

Numerous Positive Effects Of Oxandrolone On Its Users

Administering this Medication

This medication is one orally ingested compound and is generally prescribed in the dosage of 5-10mg daily. The prescribed dosages seldom surpass 20mg daily. Users take this medication for 2-4 weeks, take a small break and again repeat the cycle till the issue resolves completely. Sometimes, this usage continues for an unlimited period of time. A male anabolic steroid user takes a dosage of 20-30mg daily and sometimes a lower dosage than this produces an anabolic bump. A dosage of 40-50mg each day is considered the most effective and the most common dosage.

There are few men who take a higher dosage like 80-100 mg daily but they should keep this in mind that these dosages can invite the chances of side effects largely. A female user generally takes this medication at a dosage of 5-10mg daily. Few women are required to take more than 10mg daily, but if they need more than this dosage then they can increase their dosage by 5mg daily. Additionally, if their dosage surpasses 20mg daily then there can be chances of virilization. A time period of using it for 6-8 weeks is considered the standard time for both the genders.

Cycling this Medication

Like most of the oral steroids, this medication works the best when stacked with at least an injectable compound. One who has experience with Oxandrin finds that it works remarkably well when cycled with testosterone. After the cycle, the users are suggested to generate an HCG to harden their gains and for retaining muscle mass. There is another process of cycling and this is with another oral compound that will aid in maintaining physique and this cycle is the best who do not wish to take injectables. Additionally, it must be remembered that this medication is not taken for bulking up and mainly taken in little, off-season cutting cycles.

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