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How Online Shopping Is Changing Rural India

In the previous couple of years, India has seen a dynamic change in the web shopping market. Numerous Indians are moving online and shopping trivial stuff like stationary to sophisticated products such as electronics. Be that as it may, disregarding India’s enormous e-commerce blast, the nation’s gigantic development has not achieved rural India completely. But this partial growth of e-commerce should not be avoided, after all, it’s better to think of glass as half-full than half-empty.

Web shopping has the potential to improve the lives of rural people as larger part of India lives in these rustic zones only. In the recent times, there have been few sure substantial e-retailers who have made advances into Indian rustic business sector. These include huge players like Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal. Here are the ways in which online shopping is benefiting rural India.images

1. Buying specialty items:-

It’s a well-known fact that rural India lags behind when we talk about consumerism. It is believed that rustic people usually live simple lives but with the advent of concepts like globalization, technology and increasing literacy rates, simpler lives are more like a myth. Online Shopping sites like Tata CLiQ have an array of products to offer to their clients which otherwise would seem unattainable to rustic people. Consider the case of students, most of the children are from poor and rural households, yet they dream of breaking away from these shackles through the medium of education, but certain books which will aid them in learning process often seem to be out of reach. It is this gap that web shopping bridges. Rural people can now products like apparel, books, herbal products, medical equipment, etc.

2. Minimizes wastage of time and energy

 Initially, when the concept of e-commerce wasn’t introduced in the rural areas, people would travel along distance to urban areas to shop basic product. This is a struggle in itself considering the fact that roads are underdeveloped and causes immense physical and mental pain. It is a sheer wastage of time, money and effort. But thankfully, with cash on delivery and free shipment services people need not worry about that.

3. Providing employment:

This attempt to introduce web shopping into the lives of rural people has also generated employment opportunities for people in there. Many boys work there as delivery and courier boys.

However, there are certain loopholes in the process itself. For instance, in order to make e-commerce successful, there needs to be a good internet connection and speedy delivery services. But we all are familiar with the road conditions of the routes and how it takes a period of eternity to reach there. Also, wifi connection seems to be a huge thing for the villages where there isn’t even access to electricity. The growth might be sluggish but not hopeless. If we can work on these loopholes, we’ll reach our destination. Several sites like Flipkart, Tata ecommerce app, and Amazon are already working on it, and we can count on more sitesin the near future.

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