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Hire A Compensation Lawyer To Get The Benefits You’ve Earned

Men and women who serve in the military make several sacrifices to protect the country. They are often away from their families for months at a time and they put their lives at risk on a daily basis. Even though the government guarantees they will be compensated if they suffer physically or mentally due to their service, there are times when a compensation attorney has to step in and help make sure they get what they are due.

Hire A Compensation Lawyer To Get The Benefits You've Earned

What Law Guarantees Compensation?

If you’re a member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), you are entitled to be compensated for illness or injuries through the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act (MCRA). The act was passed in 2004 and covers ADF members who served on July 1, 2004, and after. ADF members include:

  • All Permanent Forces;
  • All Reserve Forces;
  • Officers and Cadets, plus Cadet instructors;
  • Anyone who has an honorary rank or is appointed to the ADF and performs acts when requested or directed by the Defence Forces;
  • Anyone who performs acts upon request or is directed to by Defence Forces and is an accredited representative of a charity;
  • Anyone receiving assistance through the Career Transition Scheme and performs acts in connection with it;
  • Anyone declared to be members of the ADF by the Ministry of Defence in writing.

What Injuries and Illnesses Are Covered?

Members of the ADF who have been permanently impaired while performing their duties are entitled to be compensated for their condition. This condition may be physical, such as losing a limb, or it may include mental illnesses including substance addiction. Payments are based on the degree of impairment and how your impairment affects your lifestyle.

Incapacity payments for loss of income are also covered by the MCRA. If you cannot work or can only work part-time due to an injury or mental illness obtained during your service, you can be compensated for the money you have lost or will lose due to your inability to work. In addition, ADF members may be eligible for a Special Rate Disability Pension instead of incapacity payments and the dependent partner of a deceased ADF member is eligible for compensation upon their death.

Why Hire a Lawyer?

If you have problems with getting your injury or illness to be found eligible under the MCRA or feel you are not being fairly compensated for your injury or illness, you may need to hire one of the many military compensation lawyers to help you get the benefits you deserve and were promised for serving your country. There are attorneys who will also help you fill out your initial paperwork for your benefits so you have a better chance of getting what you are entitled to right away.

By helping you fill out the paperwork, an attorney can make sure the form is completed correctly and that there are no mistakes that could delay or cause your claim to be denied. A compensation attorney will help make sure you get everything you’re entitled to receive for serving your country.

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