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Foods that you must brush teeth after having them

Black Tea
Black Tea

White teeth can give us confident smile and a good impression to others, but bad eating habit will discolor our teeth. Take a look which foods will make our teeth bo longer white.

Black Tea

Black Tea

Black tea

Tea is good for your health,but the pigment in black tea will discolor teeth.Some dark colour tea like black tea have the same effect to our teeth,so we must brush teeth after drink it.

Tomato sauce

Tomato is a high acidity vegetable which will erodes enamel. If you eat tomato sauce, do so only in moderation. In addition, before Tomato sauce have some vegetable salad which will form a protective layer for discolour.

Also if you suffer from yellow teeth, try to find a dental clinic. In Australia I always choose two clinics,one is teeth whitening parramatta, the other one is k1 dental,they provide cheap dentists melbourne area.

Soy sauce

The pigment in Soy sauce will contaminate your teeth,so if you have to put soy sauce to foods, better to drink some green tea or brush teeth after that.


Ice-cream is tasty, but they also contained large amount of pigments which will change your teeth’s color In addition,low temperature and sugar in your


Coffee will also change your teeth’s colour, add some milk can dilute pigment in coffee, but just remember to brush teeth after that.

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