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Ever Had a No-Fuss Pizza?

Being a mother of fussy children is anything but easy. Day and night what goes on in your mind are the thoughts about how to see your child eating happily!

And there are days when you just don’t want to drag yourself to kitchen to cook, you don’t want any fuss and running around your kids to make them eat.

These are not bad days, these are the days when you can explore your food fantasies, eat out or even better-order for a quick and no-mess home delivered pizza. The latter one is my favorite option because it is extremely convenient, and your kitchen stays clean, even the plates don’t get used up as you can eat straight from the box. Voila!

Pizza is tender and crispy at the same time, some like it for being tender while other like it for being crispy. But my reason for liking it (home delivered pizza) is that it is a no-fuss food and is extremely versatile. I get to choose a new flavor every time I place my order.

Some of the toppings I mostly like are Chicken Dominator, Double Cheese Margherita, Farmhouse, Seventh Heaven and this time I tried Chicken Hawaiian Twist and I absolutely loved it. The flavor of pineapple pieces was elating and chicken was a good combination to go with it.

The best part was it was a match for my naughty kids too, the sight of them eating it delightfully was what made my heart sweet with gratitude for the Domino’s. So I know, every time my kids try to run away from the usual home cooked food, I need to log in to or simply call 68886888 which is now my super favorite number saved forever in my phonebook.

I must also appreciate the way they keep their promise of 30mins delivery each time I order, it feels as if I am important to them and not just another customer. Always delivering the fresh and warm Italian pie surely seems like an art, and when I see my children enjoying it in a hearty manner, I just can’t stop myself blessing Domino’s.

My love for them just keeps on increasing and this amazing pizza party is almost a monthly affair for us. We look forward to it but there is just one condition, rather a deal with my children, i.e. they need to eat and study well throughout the month so we order it in the last week.

It is a win-win situation for a mommy like me, I make my kids eat throughout the month, study well, and get to celebrate my laziness on a no-cooking day yet see my family eating happily. It is the simplest way to gratify your thundering hunger pangs effortlessly.

It is also an easy way to satisfy your urge ad cravings for cheese while also introducing kids to vegetables harmlessly cooked, which they otherwise run away from. The aromatic seasoning fills your senses with sheer soulful urge to eat every bit of it as soon as possible taking you in a new world of cheesy affairs.

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