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Fighting the Age Battle

Ageing is natural process and is inevitable. There are many who do not know that we begin ageing even before we are born. From the moment that we are conceived, we develop millions of cells and at the same time, a similar amount of cells die in our body. This process of cell death and renewal is called ageing. Some of us age faster than the others. This is why people of the same age seem to appear older than others. Aging is a process that we cannot avoid. We can, however, delay or camouflage it. Many of us today are in a constant battle with the process of ageing. The reason for this is that we do not start early enough. We are not trained to take proper care of our own selves from our younger days and therefore, as a result, we are in a constant battle with our body. Here are some ways in which we can delay or camouflage the process of ageing.

Cosmetic procedures

There are many cosmetic procedures to camouflage the process of ageing. These have been tried and tested and have been proven to be quite safe over the past few decades. One such cosmetic treatment is Botox treatment. Botox injections Sydney have become famous over the last few decades. More and more people are requesting for them and seem to have shaken off the initial suspicion that was associated with them. Botox injections contain the toxins produced by the botulism bacteria. The toxin causes the muscles to relax, thus reducing the formation of wrinkles. This is very safe procedure when performed by an experienced doctor. It is therefore wise to consult a certified, experienced cosmetic surgeon before you go ahead with your mission to look younger.


Daily exercise

Daily exercise helps you stay fit and healthy for a long time. This has been proven scientifically in a number of studies conducted across the world. It is easy to see that people who exercise daily are happier and healthier compared to those who do not. Exercising helps you to keep your weight controlled, thus reducing the tendency to get a number of lifestyle, non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hyperglycaemia and high blood pressure. It is never too late to begin exercising, but always consult your doctor before you do so. It is important to start slow and gradually increase pace. This will reduce the chances of overexertion and exercise related injuries.

Eating healthy

We are, ultimately, what we eat. We are healthy if we eat healthy and unhealthy if our eating patterns aren’t healthy. There is a sea of information out there about eating healthy and its effects on ageing. It is important that you get the right information and proper dietary consultation on your eating habits. The best person to consult would be a qualified dietician. A qualified dietician would assess your current health status and will assign a personalised eating plan that is based on your health and other socio-economic factors. It is always a mistake to follow the diets prescribed for another person.


Stress management

One of the biggest reasons why people age prematurely is due to stress. Stress can come in various forms, such as work stress, university stress, relationship stress and many more. It is important that the causes of such stress is identified and treated in the proper manner in order to look good, as well as feel good. Stress is one of the biggest contributing factors for a range of diseases. These diseases can cause a person to age prematurely. It is never a good idea to dismiss stress as unimportant. It is, usually the premature ageing.

Dress sense

The way we dress tells a lot about who we are. Similarly, the way we dress depicts our age. Have you ever come across the situation where you have assessed a person’s age solely by how he or she is dressed? Well, most of us are guilty of it. It is, therefore, important to dress according to your age. Look at those fashion magazines. There is a reason why they were invented. Go shopping at least once in three months and buy something that makes you look younger. It is always best to be called younger than to be called older.

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