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Experience this unique cultural preserve ‘Ayahuasca healing’ for healing and embodying the wisdom

Experience this unique cultural preserve ‘Ayahuasca healing’ for healing and embodying the wisdom

Not a party drug, Ayahuasca is an incredibly excruciating psychotropic matter, which will assist you to transfer you on a psychological journey, known as Ayahuasca healing; and moreover, that is many times more powerful and incapacitating in compare to a full dose of LSD.

Surprised! Many will start thinking of doping. But let me tell you it is unachievable, and yet, you can attain through AYAHUASCA RETREAT centre specialised for driving healing properties through Ayahuasca. People who come here to seek solace do not participate in it because for fun; they incorporate it because they are suffocating and struggling with any reason or want to encourage themselves to live well. Taking part in this Ayahuasca ceremony is an amazing, and altogether different experience for the retreatants, if you follow the series of processes while attending traditional Ayahuasca retreat.

Different Ayahuasca retreat centre has different session arrangements, but interestingly they follow guided principle standards to get you fully cleansed, the associated activities included:

  • Stages: Ayahuasca ceremony, and 4-5 sessions of Ayahuasca practice, guided by Shaman
  • Cleansing process: Fruit bath/ Mud bath, depending on the sun as well as weather. Ritual for purification with aromatic plant bath for performing the Ayahuasca ceremony
  • Conduction of orientation meeting: Some notable and necessary discussions regarding Ayahuasca healing and associated ceremonial process
  • Integrated discussions: to realise the ultimate theme of working with Ayahuasca after the ceremony. You can call it a feedback-time- to discuss your experience with the entire process and how you feel after attaining it.
  • Meals: a healthy traditional nature diets, combined with simple vegetable concoction with fruits semblance. Of course, fish is also included, from green bananas, yuca, rice to tropical fruits.
  • Lodging: There is a various standard of accommodation facilitated by the retreat centre and thus, it is up to your: wallet and decision-making to opt out from jungle cottage or single/ double occupancy tambos. Although simply rustic, you will get a great view of the forest and comfortable ventilation to enjoy your stay.
  • Arrangement of transportation to travel within nature: Yet another significant option to get any retreat centre from Iquitos, the capital city of Peru.

Open to anyone, Caya Shobo does not judge your reason to have Ayahuasca healing. They take it because it is said to do the practice of therapy that finally instigate you to realise your inner peace and drives significant cure-plus-confidence. Our experience to fine-tune synchronisation of ancient Shipibo medicine traditions with contemporary and eastern integrative applications, which now introduces the comprehensive aftercare therapeutic for the guests. Weather with severe depression or carrying the unnaturally excessive burden of unknown fear: Therapy, as you might know, serve you consciousness development and new experience and finally amplified version of yourself.

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