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5 Most Effective Ways to Cool Off During the Hot Summer



We all hate those hot summer days when the heat makes it impossible to sit comfortably. If you want to make it through the whole day you will have to find some ways to keep yourself cool. Think about doing the following 5 things to make yourself much comfortable during these days.

Create an icy breeze

This is a quite effective trick many people are not familiar with. In fact in some cases it can do even more than an air conditioner. All you will need is a fan and some ice. Put the ice in a bowl and place in front of a fan that is facing you. As the ice starts to melt all the cool air will be blown directly into you. It may not cool the entire room but it will definitely make you feel fresh and comfortable.

Cover your windows

Even though it may seem too much, 30 percent of that unwanted heat gets into your home through windows. That is why adding blinds or curtains can make a real difference. This also makes it one of the great ways to cut on electricity bills. It has been shown that electricity bills are 7% less once you install blinds or curtains. If you do not feel like installing these on all the windows, you can just do it in those that face south and west since the most of the heat is going to come in through them.

Bring in the night air

During these hot summer days, the temperature actually drops down a lot during the night. This also means that the air is much fresher and enjoyable. If you want to make the most out of this you should open your windows while you are sleeping and let that cool air inside of your home. Still, remember that the air will become much hotter as soon as the sun starts rising.

Install a pool

If there is enough space in your backyard and your budget allows it, the choice is obvious – pool. Swimming in a pool will not only cool you off but will actually help you to enjoy in these harsh days. In addition to this swimming every day will help you stay fit and look better. Maintaining a pool is not such a big deal, especially if you have all the necessary equipment. You will need some filters and cleaning equipment which do not cost much. You should also consider getting a longer spray hose so that filling up the pool does not become a big trouble.

Feel cooler in bed

During the days like this going to sleep can also be a big trouble. Sweating and struggling find a comfortable position can take hours away from your sleep. One of the things you can in order to sleep comfortably during hot nights is to put your sheets in the fridge for around 15 minutes. Make sure you put them in a plastic bag first and only then in the fridge so that you do not risk catching a cold. Even though this will not keep you cool during the whole night, it will be of much help during those first 15 minutes in the bed.

As you are able to see, staying cool during the hot summer days is possible even without an air conditioner. Make sure you try out all of these ways and you definitely enjoy every summer day, no matter how hot it gets.


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