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Can you get artificial Thymosin Beta 4 for tissue healing?

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TB-500 is an artificial compound which has profound effects in healing tissues and development of muscles. The tissues will be well protected through the artificial peptide. The performance of peptide is 4 to 5 times better than the natural protein. The development and interaction of cells will be affected through the compound. The ‘Beta Thymosin’ is found in animal species. You can find Thymosins in multi-cellular animals which will have a common sequence of about 40 amino acids.

Role in tissue regeneration

TB500 has great influence in tissue regeneration. The scar with the treatment of TB-500 will be less or nil when compared to the treatment given without TB-500 application. There will be a number of positive effects on the healing process. There will be great impact in cell migration, blood vessel development and stem-cell maturation.

In terms of healing, TB-500 will lead all other factors. It can be used to heal skin, muscle and bone. The repair as well as re-growth will be accomplished in an effortless manner. It is possible to accomplish regeneration of nerve tissue as well. As a matter of fact, there are no effective treatment options to deal with brain injuries and neurological disorders. With the extensive knowledge available through R & D, there are promising results with the application of TB-500.

The peptide has anti-inflammatory as well as cell protective effect. The healing quality is very high. Heart protection and regeneration can be achieved in an efficient way through the utilization of the peptide. It is being explored as a preventive tool also. TB-500 can be used to treat multiple areas in the body. Thus, there will be less dependence upon other drugs. You can achieve better results in the coming days.

Application of TB-500

TB500should be used in acute injuries. It can be applied efficiently where healing through normal ways is highly impossible or take long time. In case of chronic cases where there is no progress in healing, the peptide can be used. The injuries which can be treated with TB-500 include tendinitis, muscle tears and strains. Many types of muscle and connective tissue injuries can be healed in this process.

By taking TB-500 alone or along-with GH, better results can be experienced. The healing effect can be enhanced by using TB-500 along with GHRP. It is observed that the TB-500 and GH stack combination will give better results. TB-500 is available in freeze-dried powder form. Vials of 2 mg are available to administer the peptide along with 1 mL sterile water. The dosing protocol should be followed. The entire content will be taken into insulin syringe and it should be injected completely. The injection can be subcutaneous, intravenous or intramuscular. It should be done as per the personal preference.

As per the dosing protocol, TB-500 should be taken either 2.0 mg or 2.5 mg twice a week. It should be continued for 4 to 6 weeks. The dosage will be reduced subsequently. It should be once or twice per month, which will be done to maintain. As the knowledge about the TB-500 increases, it can be used in a better way. Before trying any other dosage, you should want to go through the standard dosage to achieve best results.

In order to make the most of the treatment, you should want to obtain peptides which are developed at state-of-the-art facilities. When they are developed at advanced platforms, the product comes through stringent quality control norms. It should be free from contaminants and impurities. The minimum purity that is expected from these peptides should be to the extent of 98%.

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