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4 Strange Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

4 Strange Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

The word “diet” does not exist in your dictionary but you want to lose weight. Do not think this is a problem, because the reality is that you can lose a few pounds without starving. Just put these tips to lose weight fast without dieting.

Exercising, you lose calories and do the unthinkable to get rid of those extra kilos. However, every time you get on the scale you get discouraged because it follows the same number marking two weeks ago.

Perhaps, these strange reasons why you’re not losing weight.

Buy Through Credit Card

Prepare to be surprised: did you know that if you use a credit card when you shop at the supermarket are more likely to buy unhealthy foods and full of calories? Because as soon feel the loss of money in your wallet, you tend to buy sweets and junk food binge, and then you eat almost the inadvertently!

Think of Exercise

If you are the type who thinks of exercise throughout the day, let us tell you that you’re sabotaging yourself. A study found that just thinking about exercise will eat more because your mind takes the next workout will give you an excuse to eat more calories.

Working Behind a Desk

Sit at your desk and watch the computer will limit your weight loss. In fact, when you sit for a few hours your body stops producing fat inhibiting enzyme called lipase. Now, keep in mind that just stand up and stretch every hour, increase your metabolism by 13%.

Little Sleep

When you sleep little, you put your body in a survival mode that makes you want to consume fats and carbohydrates. In order to have a regular sleep, try to go to bed seven hours and a half before having to get up. Getting enough sleep will allow you to wake up feeling renewed, and help you make healthy food choices throughout the day.

So if you see that you are not losing as much weight as you want, perhaps it is because some of these strange reasons. Consider these tips to lose weight without dieting. And if you want better results, complement them with some exercise. Well, ultimately, the secret of success lies not in the diets, but lifestyle. So change your habits, and your body will change. Good luck!

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