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3 Things To Ask A Claims Solicitor Before Making Your Decision

Making the decision to claim or not to claim is difficult for most people. There are often a number of unanswered questions potential claimants have surrounding the process and what it entails – questions which aren’t always easy to get the answers to. If you are in this boat, I totally understand. The good news is that your claims solicitor will be able to shed light on the process and answer all of your questions, whatever they may be.

3 Things To Ask A Claims Solicitor Before Making Your Decision

If you are going to contact a claims solicitor soon, here’s 3 things to ask them:

1. How Strong is My Case?

The strength of your case will always determine its outcome.Accident claim solicitors will try to ascertain your eligibility to claim for compensation, based on your date of limitation and how the accident happened. They will then discuss your injury as well as your medical history. From this, your accident claim solicitor should be able to offer you an idea as to how strong your case is. Whether it’s strong or not, you will no doubt feel more positive about making your decision to claim or not to claim with this information.

2. How Much is My Claim Worth?

Let’s be honest here – if you are thinking about making a claim for compensation, then it’s  because you wish to exercise your legal right to a financial payout. It’s not cheeky or rude to ask a claims solicitor how much your claim is worth – it’s in fact important because with this information you’ll be able to ascertain whether or not it’s worth bothering with. However, you should remember that your accident claim solicitor can only offer you an estimated payout, not a guaranteed payout. It’s also important to remain realistic with your payout.

3. What happens if My Claim is not a Success?

This is a critical question you need to ask. The vast majority of claims solicitors will take on your case with a no win, no fee agreement. This kind of agreement means that you don’t have to pay any legal fees upfront. However, it also means that should your case lose, you may be billed for the other side’s legal costs. Remember that claims can go either way, and your case is more likely to lose the weaker it is. And so, this question should always be combined with “How strong is my case?” in order to help you make an intelligent decision.

Anything else?

You are not obligated to proceed with a claim after discussing your case with a solicitor. You should weigh up your options and make the decision that’s best for you.

To discuss your case with a solicitor, you can call UK Claim Lawyers on 0800 157 1438.

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