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Using New Technology to Deal with Automobile Pollution

The pollution of the environment is something that is not new to the world. It is something that has been talked about for years and years, with governments, corporate bodies and even individuals being urged to shun it for the benefit of the entire world and the future generation. Indeed, pollution is something that affects all people in the world, either directly or not.
There are many forms of pollution, but the three major ones are those of water, air and soil. Because of pollution, nobody is safe from disease. Many people get sickness from drinking water that has been contaminated, inhaling air that has hazardous chemicals or living in surroundings that have all manner of plastics and other materials strewn all over.
Why worry about automobile pollution? How big is it?
There are literally billions of people around the world who travel every day via vehicles from one place to another. The vehicles that they take for these trips are one of the main causes of pollution of water and air that there is. The situation is the same wherever one goes; beginning from the United States of America and the other Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia and even Africa. Combined, it would be true to say that billions of people own vehicles across the world. These vehicles produce thousands tonnes of carbon dioxide each year which goes straight into the ozone layer which it then slowly destroys.
This robs future generations of the protection from dangerous sun rays and could lead to several deadly diseases. The diseases are caused by taking in air and drinking water that has been contaminated by pollutants that are all round us. As a matter of fact, many nations have already reported cases of global warming, all caused by this vice of pollution. Pollution has been associated with a huge and growing number of illnesses, which goes to show just how harmful it is to the existence of the human being. The noted diseases caused by pollution of the air include emphysema, asthma, lung cancer and many cardiovascular diseases. Humans are not the only ones that are affected by these problems. Other living creatures are also negatively affected, and so is the environment at large.
Despite this, the production, manufacture as well as the use of vehicles that use I.C engines worldwide was still on the rise for a long time as the days went by. This made it really hard for the fight against pollution –especially that of air and water which are contributed to greatly by use of motor vehicles. The biggest cause of air pollution is that which is caused by automobiles and that is why for a long period of time, scientists have held various meetings and conducted research for a long time to determine how best to handle the issue of automobile pollution.
That is why there have been developments on the motor industry recently with the designing and manufacture of vehicle engines that give out much reduced levels of gas than those of normal cars. This is because devices that control the amount of emissions have been developed and fitted into these cars. However, this gadget would only work under certain given specifications and circumstances and did not completely stop the emissions of dangerous gases.
Recently though, a green engine was developed to hasten the process of cleaning up the planet. This is a very unique engine which has no pistons like its predecessors. It has a number of new features including multi-fuel usage, allowing the car to directly take in air, fuel injection which is direct and a compression ratio of sequential variability.
The prototype of this engine, which is very efficient, has already been made. This engine, with a similar one having already been created for use by generators will help a lot in reducing pollution, especially given that it has near zero exhaust emissions.
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