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The Pros and Cons of Conducting Employee Background Checks

Do you want to protect the assets of your business? Do you need to hire employees that will handle these assets on a daily basis? The truth is companies can never be too careful when it comes to hiring the right employees. A background check is meant to help employers choose workers that are safe for their business. However, these checks aren’t foolproof and may not give enough information.

What Is an Employee Background Check?

A background check looks at different areas to determine if an employee poses any safety or financial risks. In other words, a background check searches for criminal activity, but also looks at the employee’s credit report. The idea is to provide an employer with a better understanding of the potential employee’s background. The truth is some businesses need this service more than others. In fact, there may be cases where the money to have the background check done would be wasted.

Which Businesses Need Them?

Businesses in which the employee will be working one on one with children should obviously have background checks done. Employers that need employees that will handle money should also consider background checks. Even if the employee will only be handling the accounting, you need to make sure the employee is a good option by looking at their background.

How Are Background Checks Problematic?

Background checks won’t give you a complete picture. For example, just because someone’s background check is clear doesn’t mean he isn’t a criminal. It could mean that he hasn’t gotten caught. On the other end of the spectrum, is the employee who has a poor credit report. Just because her credit score is low doesn’t mean she is bad with money. It could be that her previous spouse ruined her credit report and that she is trying to start fresh. In other words, a background check may cause you to make the wrong decision. This means you’ll need to consider the report, but also listen to your gut when hiring new employees. You also need to look at other avenues for learning more about the employee, such as checking business references or hiring a service like to do a more thorough check.
A background check can be a valuable resource for employers. The only problem is that you may get an unclear picture of the employee. This means that you’ll need to dig further to determine if an employee is a good fit for your company. Remember to gather as much information about an employee as legally possible. One document will not give you a clear answer. You need to dig further than a background check.

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