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The Perks Of Being A Business Class Traveler

The Perks Of Being A Business Class Traveler

Modern day businesses require a lot of travel; be it for meetings, or new acquisitions, traveling is certainly on the list of frequent things to do on the businessman’s agenda. Since they are constantly traveling, large scale business owners prefer to do so with some style, they travel through the premium business class flights. Such classes exist onboard virtually all the major airlines and the competition to outdo each other in what the business class offers has seen the advent of a truly exclusive way of flying. Most business owners on long haul flights would prefer their flight to be as comfortable as possible, hence they opt for the advantages of Business Class Flight as opposed to thecramped economy classes. In this article the various benefits of Business Class Travel is are discussed.

Perks on the Ground

At the airport, business class flyers have their own check in area and waiting lounge. This lounge offers them a respite from the noise and bustle of the main airport and is usually equipped with drinks, snacks, and high speed internet. Some lounges even have nap rooms and shower rooms. Avoiding airport traffic and queues can easily keep your energy levels at a premium. Also, such customers are allowed to board and disembark flights first which is pretty convenient.

The Perks Of Being A Business Class Traveler

Commendable Comfort

In flight comfort is the key factor on any long haul flight. And business class provides this factor in ample amounts. Seats that recline and some even lay flat (180 degrees) can allow a passenger to sleep with considerable comfort. Seat pitch (legroom) is much more than in your standard classes, and this in itself is a big comfort (imagine traveling for hours with your legs stuck in one positon). The large amount of room given to each passenger allows them to work during the flight with ease.

Supreme Service

Aside from the onboard staff constantly checking on you, you’ll receive other services as well. These include a much better entrée of food than in other classes. Passengers can choice a variety of foods from given menus, and in some cases preorder from a bigger menu while on the ground – in this case the meal is boarded specially for the person who ordered it. Drinks are offered of course and include a variety of cocktails, wines and champagnes.

Are you not Entertained?!

Inflight entertainment is also good in this exclusive class. The audio and video on demand is a standard amenity, portable DVD players and recent movies are also freely available.Internet is also usually provided.

These features combined make for a very pleasant flying experience. These comforts are pretty much standard on most modern Business Classes, some go a step further and include other amenities like an inflight lounge where passengers can meet each other and relax. Regardless, any business class flights will ensure that you arrive at your destination much fresher than you would have if you have flown in economy class. This is essential for a business traveler who needs his wits about him in those all-important meetings.

They say don’t mix business with pleasure, well nobody said that applied to flying.

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