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A Mysterious Land Of Metropolises, Mountains and Monks

A Mysterious Land Of Metropolises, Mountains and Monks

Asia is perhaps the most diverse continent which exists on the planet. It is a truly unique blend of different cultures, amazing landscapes and great histories. It also possesses its fair share of intrigue. It is a land where shrines and skyscrapers stand together, where the temples and towers mix. It has cities which are leaders in World Finance and cities which have astounding histories and cultures. Try to reach the monastery on Mount Huashan in China by traversing the most dangerous path in the world, visit ultramodern Japanese cities such as Tokyo, or just lay back on one of the numerous paradise islands scattered throughout Asia.The airfare can be a bit steep, however you can search online and get a massive discount on business class tickets.

A Mysterious Land Of Metropolises, Mountains and Monks


Famous throughout the world for its picturesque beaches, it is perhaps the most popular island tourist destination in the world especially for honeymooning couples. It is the standard when it comes to beaches and blue waters, and it definitely sets the bar at a very high level. It has many excellent tourist resorts which are oft located on their own island and provide first class facilities for tourists as well as privacy. The islands have perfect conditions for water sports such as windsurfing, scuba diving, swimming and fishing. If you want a fusion of adventure and paradise, Maldives is just for you.


Perhaps the country with the most eccentric (read weird) image in the world, Japan is still one of the most (if not the most) advanced country on Earth.Besides being a pioneer of technology, it is a great place to visit; full of a unique culture, disciplined people and an amazing history (things don’t get more interesting than Samurai do they?). Visiting Japan means seeing a unique clash of modern and ancient, a mix of shrines and skyscrapers. Cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto offer plenty for the tourist as well as its lesser populated islands. If you feel like getting a taste of traditional Japan, head over to its rural areas.


No, the Great Wall isn’t the only thing the Chinese built. Aside from this (and cheap replicas of everything), China has many attractions which it offers the tourist. The Terracotta Army, Huangshan, the Forbidden City and Jiuzhaigou are some of the marvels that this vast land has in store for you. The culture and history of China are as vast as they country itself. It also has a huge and diverse landscape for you to explore.


Malaysia is a very popular tourist destination. Located in the southeastern part of Asia, it has amazing beaches, ultramodern cities, forests and a diverse population compromising of Chinese, Indian, Malay and European people. Kuala Lumpur, the capital is home to amazing shopping districts and famous skyscrapers such as the Petronas Towers.


While Pakistan’s image is marred by unfortunate incidents, those are localized to a particular area of the country. The majority of it is safe to travel, as the popular photoblog, Humans of New York recently proved. The county has a beautiful landscape which features deserts, mounting ranges, forests, lake and tranquil valleys. It has a variety of interesting cultures within its different provinces. The cities are great places to visit as are the valleys such as Gilgi, Skardu, Naltar and Hunza.It has several famous mountains which mountaineers like to climb including K2 and Nanga Parbat. Its northern areas are among the most beautiful places you’ll see anywhere.

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