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Selecting the Right Hotel for Your Business Needs

1341162_hotel_fasade_3Are you ready to hit the road and make money with your business? Having access to a reliable internet connection, comfortable accommodations and being placed in a convenient location all help you work your business while traveling. Let’s face it; you are placed under a different set of potential stresses if you travel frequently as an entrepreneur. Most people could care less about having reliable Wi-Fi, but as an entrepreneur, you cannot possibly stay somewhere with a poor internet connection.
Having spent an entire month living in a travel hotspot with poor internet connection I can assure you, doing the requisite amount of due diligence before traveling can smooth out your business day in a big way. On some days I had only 15 minutes of internet time. The remainder of the day I was forced to work offline. This stressful situation might have been averted had I dug a little deeper before picking this travel location, as I might have been able to pick a different accommodation where the internet was stronger, more reliable, and could have allowed me to put in a serious work day while being on the road.

Get Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews of a particular hotel can clue you in if you are selecting the proper accommodation for your business needs. Having access to a reliable and steady internet signal is a must for any entrepreneur. Do not trust the hotel’s word for it. Take your time to read through customer reviews on popular travel sites. See what people are saying; some might complain about a poor internet. Tune into these opinions and develop patterns. If certain areas of the hotel have poor Wi-Fi hot spots then demand that the hotel manager place you in a room where you receive a strong, consistent signal.
This is your business and peace of mind we are talking about; never hesitate to be direct and quite blunt when it comes to stating your needs. Be thorough, read through reviews and make an informed and educated decision after you have acquired all the information you need to make a smart decision. Avoid rushing through this due diligence process.

How Close Are You to Dining and Entertainment?

As a traveling business entrepreneur, your time is often your greatest asset. Save yourself time and energy by choosing a hotel which is located near local restaurants or places of entertainment. Booking a wonderful hotel located a 45 minutes’ walk away from the nearest decent restaurant diminishes your travel experience instantly, as will having to sit in traffic as you weave through the city. The promising location becomes a travel nightmare. Make sure wherever you choose to frequent is in a hot spot and close to places to eat. You rarely go wrong staying in an urban center.
I suggest booking hotels within 5 minutes walking distance to a happening downtown area. This ensures that you can complete your entrepreneurial work and save time when you need to run out for a bite to eat. Take the time to find the perfect location and you will save yourself a significant amount of time and energy in the long run.
Traveling does not need to be a headache for the busy entrepreneur. By selecting the proper hotel you can access the internet with ease and save yourself time when it comes to grabbing food or a drink. Patiently research your hotel of choice and make an informed decision.
About the Author: Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about all things travel; if you are passing through the Lone Star state, she suggests checking out the accommodations at the Sleep Inn Hotel & Suites in Midland Texas.

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