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Reading Programs for Struggling Readers

Helping struggling Readers Find Reading Programs

There are many different reading programs for struggling readers available, however, the right program is dependent on different factors. Dyslexia, ADD, poor eyesight are just a few of the issues that a struggling reader may be facing when trying to learn to read or to get better skilled at it. Reading programs for struggling readers range from free to very expensive, on and off line. Each individual reader has specific needs and obstacles that they must overcome and no two are like. They may have similarities, but they are as unique as the reader. Cost,, while shouldn’t play a big roll in the decision making of which program that should be used, does, and a much bigger role than most of the other choices out there.

The programs for struggling readers range from beginner to advanced, from short in duration to time consuming, which may not be too ideal, choosing the right program is essential in overcoming the struggles of readers having issues, when they may be concerning reading and comprehension of literature. Of course, the reader will know the difference given time to look over and within a short time of beginning the lessons or program.

The best tutor for this type of work is someone with a strong gift of patience. It can be very frustrating for not only the struggling reader that is not in the right program, but for the tutor as well, seeing that they are struggling with the reading program chosen. Time is another factor to be considered, as well. Time that is needed to complete an objective should be considered carefully and then allotted extra few minutes so that there is not such a hard time frame.

This way, if the extra time should be needed, it can be used without falling behind.

This also gives the struggling reader a sense of accomplishment as well as feeling that they aren’t just a number or a project. When the instructor takes time with the student, then he or she feels like the speed of learning is not as important as them learning it in the first place, that they are cared about, which in turn will make them possibly more motivated to try harder, which in turn helps the program work more effectively. These things are just a few considerations needed when choosing the right reading programs for struggling readers.

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