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Want To Surprise Your Kids? Gift Our Electric Power Wheels Car

Are you planning something special for your kids? Well, gifting them a stylish and luxurious toy car is the best idea. These popular toy cars are the perfect birthday gift for your kids.  Whether you blessed with twins or enjoying the naughtiest elder-younger duo, imagine them in a stylish toy car that adds a vogue to your kids’ personality.


The Belmonte Bikes is a perfect online place to buy trendiest yet affordable toy cars. One of our product named FERRARI CALIFORNIA ELECTRIC POWER WHEELS CAR 12V TWO SEATER – RED  can be the deal for you. The ultra-attractive features, build with a vision that resulted in a fully-featured Ferrari-like car is the complete package to make your kids filled with joy.

Apart from different toy car options, the Ferrari California is from the best collection that you see in the market. If you are fed up with your cumbersome search and need something satisfactory, then our Ferrari California is the best option for you. Apart from the extremely stylish look in red, they are designed keeping the safety upfront as a priority. So, keep all the worries aside, and look for the tremendous features of our Ferrari California:

Rechargeable battery

Own this convenient Ferrari California that is equipped with a 12V rechargeable battery with a charger. One of the great thing about the battery is it’s better performance. You do not need to charge it more often, 2-3 hours of charging is enough for prolonged durability. The 4-5 mph speed is great for kids above three years. Although parents do not give much preference to toy cars that comes without battery, these two-seater power wheels are great for 3+ years kids.

Dual Exhaust

Generally, dual exhaust is included in a real car, yet in this Ferrari California, you will see a dual exhaust that adds is responsible for the processed and upscale performance of a car. Having dual exhaust in a battery toy car comes with enormous benefits. Dual exhaust is responsible for the upscale performance, sound quality, environment-friendly, and longevity. Buying this elegant yet resilient Ferrari California can be the steal deal for you.

Looks identical to the real Ferrari

Well, everyone is in love with Ferrari, so do your kids, right? Then, why not gift them something the same yet in affordable price offering. Gift them, this Ferrari California Red to make their birthday memorable to cherish lifelong. The sharp edge and curve, elegant headlight, blended with significant red color is awestruck.

Two seaters for your two little ones

These two-seater power wheels car is what you would love to see your kids sitting in. Let your kids enjoy the rides in a stylish Ferrari California. The seats are aesthetically appealing yet ensuring the utmost comfort while your kids are sitting on. The toy car hardly requires any maintenance to sustain for a longer time.


The Ferrari California comes with sturdy seat belts for the protection of your kids. Designed with the quality material they acquired resilience, sporty, performance-driven and great way to accommodate brakes. The seatbelts come under primary safety accessories. Thus they have given the features that can ensure your kids’ safety.

Electric brake

This toy car comes with an electric brake that makes it easier to regulate for your kids. Although you hardly need to monitor your kids while they are riding, still assisting them keeps you in the loop with your kids riding ability. The Ferrari California has got the forward and reverse driving options.

Free Shipping For All North America!

Order this elegant Ferrari California Red from the Belmonte Bikes. We offer a free shipping facility to all of North America. Apart from Ferrari California, we have other elegant toy car options for you. Give a visit to our site and choose from our limited collections.

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