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How to go about your DUI Case?

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious legal offense. When you are driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs, you are a threat to the safety of fellow drivers and pedestrians and the law takes this pretty seriously.

Though DUI law is good for the safety of the citizens, sometimes you could be convicted of DUI for petty reasons. Even the prescribed medication holds no good, once you are caught, as driving under the influence of drugs is counted as a DUI offense.

Once you are found guilty, the penalty imposed on you could be really frustrating, even if it was your first offense. Your driving license gets cancelled and a heavy fine is charged. You could even be sent to jail for a year. This is huge and you would want to reduce the sentence, revive your license or reduce the fine amount. This is what a good DUI Lawyer is there for! A DUI Lawyer can at least revive you driving license, reduce your fine amount or alleviate your sentence years, if not have the case dismissed.

There are many DUI lawyers out there who are willing to handle your case. Some of them even make promises of guaranteed case dismissal and be warned that, don’t get lured into this predicament. Before choosing a lawyer, always perform a background check to see if the lawyer fulfills your requirement conditions.

Here are a few qualities you should look for in your DUI Defense Lawyer.

Success Rate

A good DUI Defense Lawyer has an impressive success rate. A success rate is basically the number of cases won amongst the number of cases fought by the lawyer. Always ask for the success rate from a DUI Lawyer.


When it comes to court proceedings the school, any DUI Lawyer studied from, doesn’t count. But what really counts is his experience in handling DUI cases. A good DUI Defense Lawyer has experience spanning over 3-5 good years. Make sure to ask for his/her time in court before hiring your lawyer!


 Like any profession, besides knowledge, experience and all that, a lawyer has to be dedicated to his/her work. Dedication in any lawyer can be checked by asking questions regarding the process he/she is going to follow as the case proceeds. Make sure the lawyer you choose responds well and emphasizes on reaching out to him at any time. A dedicated DUI Defense Lawyer involves you in the process, is responsive and time-bound.

Field of practice

A DUI case is different and requires thorough practical knowledge of all the related laws. Ensure that the lawyer you choose handles only DUI cases. This will make sure that the lawyer understands the requirements of handling your case pretty well. This point is important because a lawyer, after completing his degree, is free to practise any law.

Hiring a good DUI Defense Lawyer is going to take the burden off your shoulder. Your lawyer will make sure that to reduce the fine imposed and the prison sentence to a great extent. He/she will also help in reviving your license.

A DUI case is not good for your professional life. Sometimes, the court asks you to install Ignition Interlock Device (IID) to your vehicle which stops you from starting it if your Blood-Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level is more than normal.  Take your precaution and hire your DUI Defense Lawyer, now!

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