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Listen Up Ladies – What If He Doesn’t Change?

he won't changeListen up girls, this is an important one. So many times we look at our significant other and base our overall satisfaction on whether or not HE changes. This is where we women often get it wrong!

If you’re not satisfied in your relationship, it’s time to look at what YOU should change in order to be satisfied. Yeah, that’s right, the ball’s in your court.

  • Satisfy Yourself First:

Do what you need to do to get satisfied…it’s certainly not all about him. How will you know if you can be satisfied in your relationship if you aren’t satisfied in other areas of your life? (I’m not talking about going man-hunting either – this is about building a successful relationship, not destroying it!)

  • How Do You Relate?

Have a good look at the way you relate to him. For example: Are you even yourself around him? Are you sacrificing yourself to meet his needs and not your own? Do you need to put up personal boundaries as to how he treats you?

  • Who Needs to Change?

If you were truly satisfied in other areas of your life, would you be able to accept him just as he is? Does HE really need to change, or do you simply need to change the way you are with him?

A truly successful relationship depends on you finding the best way of genuinely being “you” around him. Then you’ll know if the problem is really him or if you were simply expecting HIM to make YOU feel satisfied.

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