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I Was Sacked For Telling My Boss Wife To Close Her Leg

Dear MJ Readers,

My name is Andrew, a 27 year old graduate on business admin, i am currently working under my boss as his P.A, I’ve been a honest guy whilst working for him, this has brought us more closer. He was more a friend to me than a boss.

This closeness got to a level that i advice his wife about what is right to do, and when she’s bothered she won’t hesitate to seek my counsel. I never in my wildest imagination believe that i could cross my limit when I saw my boss’ wife sitting with mini skirts with her legs open, someone could have a clear vision of the structure of her………, i feeling that i could be doing right by teaching her some simple manners, told her ‘to sit well’, i don’t know whether she pretended not to understand what i meant or she didn’t actually but she ask what i meant by ‘sit well’, i told her to ‘close her legs’, now she got what i was saying and i could see some form of embarrassment written on her face, but I rendered warm apology, but she had no problem with me.

It was my boss who came out with wearing a sad look on his face, i went to him and enquired  the-reason for the sadness, but i got a reply of ‘just leave you bast*rd’. I knew he wasn’t joking when he ordered the security to push me out even with me still wondering what was going on. The next day in the office, i got my sack letter with him giving me a farewell word, ‘i know you’ve seen everything you’ve been longing to see, go and have a better view of ya mother’s.

WAS I REALLY WRONG? Please Advice.

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