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Hyundai Xcent vs Honda Amaze

honda xcent vs honda amaze

With the Indian market looking at affordable sedans for both highway uses as well as running the chores, the two premium models from Honda and Hyundai have come up with amazing features that get you a sedan at a price of a premium hatchback. Pitting against each other in terms of engine and space, none of the models can be ignored by auto fans!

Soaring to new heights after capturing the market with the hatchback beauty of the Grand i10, petrol imbibing Hyundai Xcent is here for all the right reasons. If it can pip Honda’s Amaze in its best quality, is yet to be seen. Restoring the sheen that Honda lost some time back, Amaze is contributing to more than 63 per cent of the firm’s sale. But is it as high-end and effective as Xcent? Let’s check out what happens when you pit Japanese Amaze against Korean Hyundai Xcent in a review that covers all aspects. One is loaded with comfort features, a great value for money, and the other has a peppy engine that you just can’t ignore!

Who’s Got the Look?

In a bid to have a spacious cabin and boot space in a 4 meter platform many brands have produced disasters in the past. You’ll find Honda Amaze and Hyundai Xcent to be proportionate cars in this respect. While Honda front looks inspired from Brio, Hyundai has its trademark hexagonal grill giving it a neat look. Both have good space in the trunks too.

Though Xcent beats Amaze here in the trunk space by marginal 7 ltr. When you talk about design, Honda literally amazes you with its cohesive shape which is great. The trunk blends well with the rest of the car and it gives a feel of an actual sedan from outside. Xcent, even though has larger boot space, looks a little choppy from the rear. However, the chrome detailing in the front give it a really upmarket look. A little bigger rear could have worked better for Hyundai. So the choice of preference by the design would be any individual’s opinion.

Power of the Engine

Petrol – Even with similar engine outputs, the engines in both have completely different characteristics. Hyundai’s 1.2-litre kappa petrol engine definitely spells bang for your buck. On the other hand, Amaze’s 1.2-litre i-VTEC mill packs a punch too (at least on paper). Amaze being an expert at ambling speeds, Xcent falls short on power to the Amaze with its 88PS. Xcent’s engine might appear quicker, this is only because it picks up really well even at part throttle. But talk about stop-go traffic, and Amaze wins without a doubt.

Diesel – Honda Amaze diesel wins it clearly in the engine. Its 4 cylinder 1.5 litre i-Dtec engine produces magnanimous 98.6BHP of power. Xcent with a inferior, 3 cylinder 1.1 litre CRDi engine lacks the punch required. The better torque of Amaze makes it easier for drivers to accelerate and pick up.

What’s more interesting is that Amaze, even though being more powerful gives better mileage, thanks to the much lighter, all-aluminium engine.

That being said, here’s the downside—while Amaze is powerful, there is a lot of engine clatter that can be felt in the cabin, owing to poor cabin insulation and aluminium engine Xcent is much more refined and smooth inside the cabin.

Room for Vroom?

Comparing the speed build up of the two is quite tricky. Because on one hand, the Xcent “feels” the better of the two as it’s built and better insulated on the inside, on the other, Amaze, handles the unexpected the bumps on the road with grace. As of for Xcent, the NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) levels are definitely remarkable. Excellently mast the speed you are moving at. When you talk about about Amaze, it sadly lets wind noise into the cabin.

Out of the two, if you look at better at handling potholes and pits on roads, Xcent is not that planted. But when you want to drive on low speed Xcent promises and assures you a smooth ride. To be really fair, with Amaze you feel more footed as this is a car for everyday use on a busy road with traffic congestions every now and then. All said and done, both the models are ideal for city jaunts and fit for people with small families. These are easy cars to drive in a city but for busier roads, Amaze is a better deal. If you aren’t the ones who likes a bit of speed with driving, Xcent is your pick.

Ample Space for Four

There’s never a time when Honda doesn’t surprise you with its packaging. Well, if you compare it to Xcent, Amaze gets more space in the rear. 3 people can sit very comfortably in the back seat even on a long drive, thanks to its wideness. As for the Xcent cabin, it’s identical to the Grand i10. Hyundai’s model could have worked better with a bit more cushioning on the front seats. Amaze comes with more arm space on the sides, which makes the arrangement more comfortable.

You are more likely to keep hitting the plastic panel in the Xcent with your knee. The space crunch in Xcent is quite visible. It is also narrower than the Amaze due to which seating 3 people in the back seat may be a bit of a squeeze. What Xcent lacks in space, it makes up with quality. The Xcent fights back with its superiorly specified interior. You get a much more premium feel driving a Xcent than the Amaze. If you compare the two, Amaze feels basic even in its top-end variant.

Luxurious Accessories

Hyundai Xcent vs Honda Amaze

Like in all Hyundai models, Xcent with its top-of-the-line features like automatic climate control, Bluetooth connectivity, rear AC vents, parking sensors, push button start-stop, and various automotive products. Amaze has none of these high-end features. Another interesting factor that make Xcent stand out is the fact that it rides on larger 15 inch wheels with amazingly well designed alloys. Amaze alloy designs are slightly dated with 14 inch wheels.

The One With Better Material quality

The material quality in both cars is fabulous but Hyundai’s cabin is better than Honda’s. However, the seats of Amaze will make you feel way more relaxed than the Xcent, and Amaze also wins with the advantage of adjustable headrests. These are good for comfortable visibility for the passengers at the back. You can’t ignore the fact that Xcent gives you more space for junk in the trunk. Thanks to its 407 litres boot space in comparison to 400 in Amaze.

Interesting Design Option – Honda or Hyundai?

The Koreans have clearly nailed it with top-of-the-line features, most of which are not available in the other. Strangely, what may not agree with many is that Amaze comes with two airbags and ABS, features which are paid options on the top Xcent SX. Even though ABS is a paid option on the middle Xcent S trim, you don’t even have this option on lower S and base variant.

Buttons on the center console, gear lever’s lower lining and steering wheel to the shape make Xcent superior to the Amaze at various levels. The reason why Amaze sells really well is because its diesel variant. Sure Xcent’s brakes could have been a bit more effective but that doesn’t really come into picture for people who want to ride slow and don’t mind hints of luxury here and there.

Ensuring Comfortable Driving Quality

When you want something comfortable to maneuver around the city, the smooth and light steering wheel of the Amaze scores over Xcent’s tad heavy one. They both come with 5-speed gearboxes which are slick to use with short, precise throws. However Amaze feels more comfortable while taking on corners. Although the suspension setups are equally impressive in both, 15-inchers on the Xcent are marginally better than Amaze’s if you want to ride at a lower speed.

Price Comparison Between the Two

price comparison

When Xcent was launched, it came up as a tough rival to Honda Amaze because of its competitive. That doesn’t mean Amaze didn’t top the list with its detailed features. When it comes to the price of both cars, there’s not much difference but Hyundai’s new sedan beats Amaze because of its slightly lesser price. The Xcent petrol is somewhere between 4.6-7.19 lakhs, but Amaze petrol is available between 4.9-7.5 lakhs. Talk about the diesel variants of the sedans, and they will cost you more. Xcent lies between 5.56-7.38 lakhs and price for Amaze is 5.9-7.4 lakhs.

Which One Gives a Better Mileage?

There’s no denying that Amaze has always had an edge over anyone else in the fuel economy but seems like Xcent is pitting tough against this trendy sedan. One on hand the Amaze diesel is more fuel efficient and powerful than Xcent diesel, on the other, Xcent petrol with 19.1 km/l (MT) & 16.9 km/l (AT) wins over Amaze petrol which gives 18 km/l of mileage. But this is taken care of by Amaze diesel with better fuel efficiency at 25.8 km/l.

They both shine in their own ways and it’s difficult to pick which one is better. If you are looking at features or petrol version, Hyundai Xcent may be the one for you. But for someone who wants to ride on Indian roads with gears and brakes that are quick, and looking at buying a diesel car, Honda Amaze takes an edge over Hyundai Xcent which is a soft counterpart for relaxed riders. That doesn’t make Hyundai’s Xcent a bad choice in sedans. May be some grunt in the engine could have solved it for them!

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