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Why You Should Be Switching To LPG Gas

Why You Should Be Switching To LPG Gas

Are you using natural gas in your home or fuelling your vehicle and appliances with a fuel source other than liquid petroleum gas (LPG)? If so, you may want to consider how LPG may be a better choice for you. We have laid out the many advantages that come with using this type of fuel below, starting with everyone’s favourite consideration:

Why You Should Be Switching To LPG Gas

LPG Can Save You Money

LPG is incredibly versatile and can be used for a number of home applications, including:

  • Heating the home
  • Heating hot water systems
  • Providing outdoor heating
  • Cooking

Not only is it one of the least expensive fuels on the market, but many suppliers of LPG gas NSW provide the tanks for free (you are essentially renting the tank as long as you use their LPG). The installation costs are also surprisingly minimal.

When it comes to your vehicle, LPG is probably the most cost-effective option. A recently published report from the UK revealed that switching to LPG could save drivers as much as 40% each and every year. Most drivers will need to convert their vehicle to a bi-fuel vehicle (which can cost upwards of £1,500), but drivers will quickly enjoy substantial savings within a few years, depending on how often they drive.

LPG Is Better For the Environment

Everyone is doing what he or she can to reduce their carbon footprint, and LPG fuel can help you do just that. LPG is an efficient and very clean burning fuel. When compared to many of the other conventional fossil fuels available today, it produces significantly less harmful emissions, meaning that it is also less harmful to the environment and to the health of your family and loved ones. LPG also generates very little carbon dioxide and is low in particulates such as nitrogen and sulphur. Another bonus is that it produces no soot.

LPG Is Low Maintenance

Because LPG produces no soot, the burners in these systems last a lot longer than other fossil fuels. This means less costly maintenance for you (especially when compared to heating oil boilers), and you have peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable gas system.

LPG Is a Versatile Fuel

Unlike other fuel types, LPG can be used both indoors and out. The fuel is very thermally efficient and can instantly provide homeowners and commercial settings with controlled heat.

LPG Is More Convenient

Apart from natural gas, LPG is arguably the most convenient of the fuel types. The tanks for these systems can be stored underground, so they will not be an eyesore on your property. They do not produce any noise, odour, or create a mess, and the boilers for these systems take up minimal space.

LPG Is Available and Accessible

When compared to almost every other fuel type, LPG is by far the most widely available, not only in Australia, but also around the globe. This type of fuel can be found in BBQ tanks, cylinders, as a vapour, in bulk tanks of varying sizes, and more.

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