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Tips To Pick The Best Battery Charger For Your RV

Tips To Pick The Best Battery Charger For Your RV

The target audience for motor homes has undergone a complete shift, thanks to the introduction of millennials in the mix. According to the New York Post, RV sales in the United States alone are expected to go up by 5.9 percent from 2015 due to the high demand among the millennial buyers. However, this generation is not easy to please. They are aware of the problems plaguing the society and the environment, and global warming occupies a high enough position on their list. This is why most of them prefer to buy eco-friendly models. If you’re wondering how to sell your RV to this demography, you could try switching to a smart converter charger. What does this device do? It converts 110 Volt AC power into 12 Volt DC power and charges the RV batteries at the same time. This not only improves the efficiency of your RV battery but also makes it the more environmentally conscious choice in the long run.

Tips To Pick The Best Battery Charger For Your RV

Why Is Change Important?

Many RV models come equipped with regular, ‘dumb’ converter chargers. This helps the manufacturers cut costs. However, when you’re attempting to get a good deal on your RV, you need to sweeten the pot. You have to throw in some features that set your vehicle apart from the rest, and a smart charger is as good as it gets for the new generation of motor home buyers. You must explain to potential customers how the use of a normal converter charger will lead them to run their generators more frequently and for longer periods of time. Moreover, they need to remain plugged into the campground shore power while the charging process is completed. Worst of all, regular RV batteries have a short lifespan that usually lasts between one and three years. But when you make the switch to smart converters, your customers can easily expect a battery life of five to ten years.

Smart RV Battery Chargers Are the Right Choice

You will find a high quality, 4-stage smart converter charger to be a suitable upgrade irrespective of the kind of motor home you’re trying to sell. Obviously, the market price of your vehicle will increase but the truth is, customers, especially the millennials, are willing to pay more if they know they’re getting a great deal for the long haul. So what makes a smart converter charger so ‘smart’? Well, for starters, the charging process, though more complicated, takes less time and is significantly efficient.

  • Bulk: Rapidly charges the batteries up to almost 90 percent.
  • Absorption: Charges the last 10 to 20 percent slowly prior to entering the float mode.
  • Float: Helps get batteries ‘topped up’ at a lower voltage, thereby helping avoid electrolyte loss by overheating of the battery water.
  • Equalize: Supercharges battery voltage to eliminate the risks of sulphur build-up on the battery plates

In contrast, a regular charger consists of a single charging stage that continuously keeps the batteries in your RV at 13.7 Volts, which means that they’re always charged up to only 70 percent. With a ‘dumb charger’, therefore, you cannot expect to get a full charge.

Installation Options

There is some confusion regarding the installation of the smart converter charger— should the device be built into the inverter or should it be used as a standalone component?  While a few inverter manufacturers install the smart converter charger right into the inverter, others avoid this process. Ideally, however, smart converter chargers should be kept separate from inverters just in case one of the devices malfunctions.

Potential RV buyers will always look for the best possible deal. So while researching how to sell your RV to the millennials, look for more ways you can add value to your rig.  Upgrading your RV’s converter charger will definitely be a masterstroke that would help you to draw more buyers.

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