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Hurt On The Job? Learn How Worker’s Compensation Can Help You

If you’re injured on the job, you might worry about a conflict of interest with your employer. Will he or she compensate you for any lost wages and medical expenses, or will you have to take the blame and pay the expenses yourself?

Thanks to worker’s compensation, this dilemma should never be an issue if you’re injured on the job. The United States’ worker’s compensation laws ensure that you get medical care, rehabilitation and retraining, and compensation for lost wages in the event of an accident. Read the blog below to learn more about how worker’s compensation can help you.

What Is Worker’s Compensation?

Most people have heard the term “worker’s comp” in conversation before, but until they’re forced to use it, they might not fully understand what it means. Worker’s compensation refers to a legally mandated program where a company must compensate a worker who is injured or disabled while doing their job.

In general, workers are entitled to compensation regardless of who caused the injury—a business’ worker’s compensation insurance should cover the worker no matter who was at fault. This measure ensures the employee gets the proper compensation, but it also prevents the employee from suing the business if the business was responsible for the injury.

How Can Worker’s Compensation Help?

If you were injured in the job, worker’s compensation generally covers:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages (usually 2/3 of your average wage)
  • Cost of retraining if the employee is unable to return to work
  • Financial compensation for permanent disabilities
  • Financial compensation to surviving family members if the injury resulted in death

Remember that if you accept compensation, you waive your right to sue your employer for negligence. A worker’s compensation attorney can give you advice on whether or not to accept a company’s offer.

When Should You Contact a Worker’s Compensation Attorney?

If your employee disputes your worker’s compensation claim, you should always get in touch with a Milwaukee worker’s compensation attorney or one in your area. Employers can dispute claims if they believe the employee was impaired by drugs or alcohol at the time of the injury, if they believe the employee was violating a company law at the time of the accident, if they don’t think the injuries occurred on the job, and more.

In these cases, a worker’s compensation attorney can work to represent your interests and ensure that the law upholds your rights. Bear in mind that your employer cannot fire you for bringing a worker’s compensation suit. If any misconduct, including firing, has occurred on your employer’s part, contact a worker’s compensation attorney immediately.

If you have further questions about your worker’s compensation claim, including how much you’re entitled to and how long you should receive payments, get in touch with an attorney.

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