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How to Find a Tutor

Looking for the right tutor for your kid can be challenging, especially if your kid is uncomfortable with the idea of having a tutor or if your budget is tight. However, if a student is failing at school, a concerned parent will have no choice but to get a tutor to help their child.

Below are a few helpful tips from Orton-Gillingham Tutors In Vancouver on how to find the right tutor for your kid.

Word of Mouth:

This is one of the main ways to find that ideal tutor for you kid. Asking other parents or friends whose children are being tutored. If their kids love their tutor, you can ask vital information from their parents like how available they are, how much is their charge or how hands-on they are. By simply asking around, you will have an idea if there are good tutors that you can hire.

Look for group tutoring sessions.

Other parents enroll their kids at group tutoring sessions. These tutoring sessions don’t only let your kid socialize with his or her peers, it is also much affordable. Ask around if there are available group tutoring sessions in your area.

These groups are normally small, with around 3 to 5 students. But you must first ask your child if he or she is comfortable working with other kids. Remember that you are the one who will transport your kid to the tutoring site.

Ask Your Child’s Teacher or School Counselor

Normally, your kids’ teacher cannot offer one-on-one tutoring, however, they may know somebody who can. A lot of tutors work alongside teachers and schools, so teachers will sure have an idea of some good tutors. And, if there are students who are already being tutored, teachers will likely know and can help you contact that tutor.

You can also ask school secretaries or guidance counselors if they can recommend good tutors. Sometimes there is already a list of names and phone numbers of these tutors, so it is likely that they can offer good suggestions.

Surf the web.

There a few amazing websites that can help kids in improving skills and enhance knowledge. A number of these websites will cost you money, though. You may also have to ask the school for your kid to get a subscription. There are schools that sign up for these online tutoring websites. After subscribing, students can access the sites at school and at home. Aside from sites that require payment, there are amazing sites that are free. Even if you don’t have a computer at home, your kid can access these sites at his or her school library.

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