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Advantages of sending children to boarding schools

Whether you are debating on whether to send your son/daughter/children to boarding school or not or seeking an opinion on boarding schools from people you trust or you are in the middle of moving schools or toying with the idea of sending your children to boarding school in the future or deciding between a boarding school and a good local day school to send your kids to, or thinking what your child will get out of boarding school, etc., a boarding option for children is becoming an increasingly attractive option. Boarding Schools are advantageous to children in the long run because here, they learn to be more disciplined, independent, self-reliant and personally responsible.

Children when attending a boarding school, are taught to be prompt and take care of their intimate articles items like clothing, underwear, shoes, belts, books and study-material, beds, bed-linen, etc. because there, simply are no parents or siblings or maids to fall back on or do things for them. They have to rise early, follow a bathing schedule and be neat in their attire; In this situation, they learn to be careful about their health, particular in their appearance, have meals on time, and be punctual and regular in attending classes.

At school, they have to follow a rigid, systematic and rigorous schedule, look sharp and be methodical in their studies. After having a timely lunch and a necessary break, it is time for sports, where they have to take part in a sports program. Then, in accordance with a boarding school’s rules, they will have to make time for their best-loved activities or hobbies. After enjoying their hobbies, they get to rest with a tea-break. After the intermission, children have to take help of their supervisors, staff, etc. to complete their homework and make preparations for the next day. This is generally followed by a dinner. And finally, they have to go to bed on the dot.

The best boarding school for boys in Dehradun encourages discipline, punctuality and self-reliance, obedience to seniors in children as they learn to do everything by themselves and in a timely fashion. Here, they can’t afford to be careless about their appearances, or behave in an easy-going, informal manner or dis-respect their and others’ time. Their newly-found independence increases their confidence as students learn to be responsible for themselves and their own belongings.

It gives them an opportunity to develop their time-management skills as they learn to make the most out of each day. They learn to prioritize and schedule activities, set goals, plan and control the time they spend on each activity. It also helps students sharpen their organization skills as they will have to get more organized in their personal life as they have to take responsibility for their personal hygiene, their beds, their own laundry, etc. In top boys boarding school in Dehradun you will have to wear clean well-tailored uniforms to classes, school-functions, keep their immediate surroundings tidy, meet academic deadlines, etc. Time-management and organizational skills are highly valued lessons that they can take with them in the years to come.

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