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Fleet Management Made Easy

Managerial roles are never easy with all kinds of challenges thrown your way and tasks dropped at your door all the time. You can spend hours planning for the coming days, weeks and months and one thing could blow the whole plan into smithereens. Fleet management is just one of those tasks that can be particularly difficult with drivers going all over the country – even the continent in many cases.
Fortunately, the developments in GPS technology in recent years have provided a method of making fleet management much less stressful in the form of tracking devices. The boxes can be fitted to all kinds of vehicles and it’s estimated that they help to save as much as £2,000 each year thanks to the information they can send back to the depot, (find out more by visiting to see all the statistical data).
The fleet manager can use the tracker to provide live information as to where the driver currently is, their speed and their fuel consumption – three vital details to help the manager complete their duties and to communicate with the client awaiting their collection or delivery.
Drivers are unable to use their mobile phones while out on the road, so having some form of communication is key especially if there is an incident on the route they’re taking on their journey. If the manager can see the road they’re on and the route they’re taking, they can divert the driver around the incident; or they could send them a more fuel efficient way to help save the company money on fuel costs – as long as it doesn’t add too much time to the journey, making the driver late of course!
The tracking devices also help to reduce insurance costs for the fleet. The trackers can be switched on and connected to the local police, helping them to locate the vehicle more efficiently in the even that it is stolen. A lot of HGVs and vans are targets because they have to pull over by law for regular breaks. Insurers are able to see that every possible method is used to prevent the vehicle from being stolen or damaged and they will essentially reward the firm for that by reducing the cost of their annual insurance bills.

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