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Five Print Finishing Supplies a Business Must Not Run Out of

There are certain things that a business will always need. Often times, they might seem insignificant, but the role that they play is incredibly important in any office or studio. Whether your business is printing or any other industry, you’ll no doubt need these products in stock. When the time comes, you do not want to have to wait for them to be delivered. Be sure that you have them readily available at all times so that you don’t have to scramble to get your project finished at the last minute.
Print Finishing
From air dusters to hooks, it’s important to keep these general projects around at all times. Things like the aforementioned air dusters in addition to lubrication sprays will keep your machines clean and running efficiently. Having a steady supply of grippers, clips, hooks, and hangers will ensure that you always have a way to display your finished products as well. Print finishing equipment can also keep your office or studio organized and running smoothly.
Binding and Stapling
Staples are probably the most basic method of binding applied by offices around the world. There are also a great deal of other methods for binding material together. What your business requires will vary greatly depending on the amount of types of projects that your office takes on and how frequently. Whether you need rivets, binder strips, or binder rings, it is essential to have these ready to go. These little flourishes can impact the overall look of a project, so you don’t want to be stuck using a less-than-ideal substitute.
Laminating and ID
Laminating your finished documents, prints, or projects shows that you care about your work. Using these products will keep your finished products crease free and avoid having them crumpled or dog-eared. A wrinkled document gives a bad impression, so be sure that you have enough rolls of laminating film to cover any project. Laminating film is also useful for employee ID badges; these will keep the IDs in good condition while also ensuring that your office is that much more secure. Safe workers are happy workers after all.
Tapes, Adhesives, and Pockets
There are a number of different adhesives and print finishing tapes out in the market. They all have various uses and are important in their own way. It’s generally a good idea to have them in good supply. Pockets are also a good investment for any office, not that they’re particularly expensive. Having pockets in the office can keep individual desks, rooms, and the entire office overall organized to a much higher degree.
Packaging and Materials Handling
Offices, studios, and individuals alike need to send packages out. Regardless of what the purpose of it is or how much you’re sending out, good packing material will ensure that the item or items arrive at their destination unharmed. Boxes, tapes, cases, and bubblewrap will keep products safe. You never know when you might get your next order, so any good business will have these in stock at all times.
About Author
This guest post was supplied by Jon Dunn of i-Fluid Media on behalf of Presco, leader in the Print Finishing UK market providing  most comprehensive print finishing supplies to various Business’s across UK and Europe.

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