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Different Types of Awnings

In the mid-summer sun, the rays heat up houses and fade furniture and make houses too hot to live in. This is when awnings are used to lower cooling costs and provide protection and shade and help householder avoid the harmful effects of UV radiation. Awnings come available in a diversity of shapes such as standard, arch, and dome. They are fairly versatile enough to fit all types of buildings and purposes and are a valuable addition to any home.

You can buy awnings that are designed to cover your whole patio or you can the awnings that are made just to cover your windows. They come in all shapes and sizes. One of the most common awnings are the ones that go between a wall and out into the garden, giving your home the look of expansion and giving your ample opportunity to extend the use of your outside space when the weather is not at its best.

There are few basic types of awnings available on the market today:-

  • Fixed or stationary awnings:- These are permanently installed canopies on a homes exterior. This includes window and door awnings as well as porch valances which offer shade and make a home more nice-looking . Fixed awnings are robust, however, they do collect snow during the winter which can weigh them down. Quick droughts of breeze can also rattle them unless they are expertly installed. Despite these slight difficulties, fixed awnings can help to radically cut down summer cooling costs because they block solar radiation from entering a home and heating it up.
  • Portable awnings are self-supporting and suitable for moving from one location to another and for providing protective shade all day long. Portable awnings such are commonly used for outdoor parties, conventions, wedding receptions and as pool shades. They can be decorated with lights and flowers and make a welcome addition to any venue.
  •  Retractable awnings are great for places with unpredictable weather. They can be retracted using a motor or hand crank to avoid the threat of wind, rain or snow damage. They are faultless for patios and retractable awnings can be used for shade in the summer. They are also extremely attractive e and can add value to any home. When seasons change and winter comes along, retractable awnings can be wound in for hassle-free storage. This makes then very durable and long lasting. They are a great choice for any outside space.
  • Motorized awnings use an electric mechanism to retract the canopy this means that they can can be operated by remote for suitability. Many motorized awnings are obtainable with sensors to monitor the weather and so will mechanically retract when the weather changes. They may need specialist fitting .a qualified electrician may be required for installation.

Awnings come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes. They can be fitted in almost any outside circumstance with relatively trouble. The choice is yours depending upon your situation but the possibilities are endless.

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