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Faux Siding – The Affordable Solution To Remodeling Your House

People always want to have the best interiors and exteriors for their home. People are inclined to give a natural look to their home and so, if they can incorporate it in the design, it results in a great look. Sometimes people go for changes in the original design of their home just so that they can have stone siding as a part of the façade. Stones are preferred for their durability and sturdiness. It gives a novel and elegant appearance to the house. It also enhances the beauty of the structure.

While building a house, remodeling it or changing the façade, faux siding is an affordable choice. It is increasingly being used as a part of home improvement projects.

Faux siding is designed to look like wood, brick or stone. It is a product made from polyurethane which in turn is made from molds of brick, wood or stone. Polyurethane is a plastic polymer so it incorporates the qualities of plastic. This means that will be very light.  Plastic is made from foam which hardens trapping air bubbles inside. The foam is poured into molds made from brick or stone. When it cools, it is taken out and painted. That is why it provides insulation. They provide better insulation than brick veneer siding but they are not foolproof when it comes to protection against heat or cold.

You cannot tell the difference between faux siding and stone siding just by looking at it. It is only when you run your hand on it that you can tell if it is real stone or brick siding or faux siding. And the plastic material is elastomeric, that is, it will stretch a little. It is prone to insect infestation so it is better to check if the material has been treated beforehand.

Sometimes, it is made by mixing concrete with pigments to give it the look of stone.  It is a very useful product and now a day it is more practical to use it instead of brick, wood or stone. It is not natural stone but resembles it and is every bit as elegant and stylish. It can be used with equal ease inside and outside the house. It is cheaper than natural stone and it is also lightweight and easy to install. Faux siding offers a lot of options in shape, size, color and design.  So people can select the faux siding according to their tastes and liking. So this is an added advantage as compared to natural stone which is available in limited colors and has to be cut to the specified shape and size. It is an inexpensive way to give natural stone look to the house.

Faux stones are available in many creative designs and give an impressive look to indoor as well as outdoor spaces. They are comparatively easy to install. They can be installed in very less time as compared to natural stone. They require fewer specialized tools.

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