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How Heat Resistant Are Quartz Worktops

Among the diverse kitchen worktops that are available, Quartz worktops can be considered as a premium standard variety. Quartz worktops have some of the unique physical characteristics that cannot be found in the other types of worktop such as

Quartz acts as a prism, springing a rainbow of colours when light is shone on it. This is why one finds so many quartz worktops in elegant kitchens as it is a natural choice. Quartz worktops are also made by mixing quartz powder with other resins. This produces a quality worktops that should last for a life time by combining crystals with resins and other agents to create a super-hard surface that will resist heat. In addition to its inflexibility, Quartz worktops are also non porous which also makes it heat resistant. Often anti-bacterial substances are added to the Quartz and the resin mixture when the Quartz worktops are being created. During the manufacturing of Quartz worktops, different coloured pigments are added meaning that the choice of worktop can be available in a wide variety of appearances. A combination of more than one colour can also be achieved.

Quartz Worktops

One of the main features of Quartz worktops are that they are highly durable in  nature and it does not show cracks when subjected to high temperatures. In fact it is extremely resistant to heat and is capable of management the different heating functions for different food items.

Some of the other main features of the quartz worktops are: 

– Quartz worktops are fully resistant to stain and do not require any external work such as sealing.  They are resistant to heat without the need for any alternative care and hard work..

– Offers a shining and three dimension appearance as opposed to the gray and solid appearance of the other types of countertops so they are easier to work on.

– Compared to the other worktops, Quartz worktops can easily be re-worked to fit the size of any kitchen with little effort. The others types of worktops such as granite require a lot of time for on fitting.

Quartz worktops overall quartz worktops last for years before they start showing signs of age, unlike other materials for kitchen worktops. They can take the continual everyday pressures that kitchen worktops in terms of putting up with hot food and drinks and spills and spillages.

Although, they look similar to granite worktops, quartz worktops do not need any extra protection as they are naturally glossy and shiny. Ensuring that the lustre and therefore heat resistance of your Quartz worktop is preserved, certain upkeep has to be taken. Quartz worktops are however much harder to harm compared to other materials such as laminate. The surface of Quartz does not absorb liquids, then these worktops are popular to be stain free. They do not respond very well to abrasive products and bleach however and so although the worktops are heat resistant, extra care does need to be taken not to mark the surfaces.


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