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DANGER: Workplace Injuries Can Cost You

People must work to earn a living–even if that means putting their lives on the line. While injuries can happen in any workplace, individuals who work blue collar jobs tend to be more at risk. That’s because those jobs typically involve more manual labor. Careers that are more physically demanding can put a toll on our bodies and cause premature damage to them. The work environments of most blue collar jobs are also pretty hazardous. The following are a few industries with high rates of workplace injury.


Some people see being on the road all day as being pretty peaceful and enjoyable, and it can be, but there’s no denying the prevalence of motor vehicle accidents. Bus drivers, cab and limo drivers, and other transportation workers are prone to all kinds of injuries resulting from car crashes, and the costs incurred by these are often their company’s responsibility. According to an attorney specializing in bus accidents in Las Vegas, accidents involving commercial vehicles cost businesses billions each year. Air and sea transportation personnel also have dangerous jobs and typically incur injuries thanks to rough weather. 5.2 injury cases are reported for every 100 transportation workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Warehousing jobs typically involve the transportation and sorting of goods within warehousing complexes. Using both raw manpower and the assistance of machines and vehicles such as forklifts and cranes, these workers are vulnerable to having heavy objects fall on them, being crushed or rammed by heavy moving equipment, getting sprains and more from exerting too much force, and plenty of other workplace hazards. Like transportation workers, approximately five out of every 100 warehousing workers get hurt on the job.


Manufacturing personnel often work in stuffy, loud, and low-lit factories that are filled with all kinds of dangerous machinery and robotics. Machine accidents caused by operator error or poor maintenance account for most manufacturing injuries. It’s not that uncommon to hear about factory workers losing sight in an eye, most of their hearing, or even a finger or toe before retirement, depending on their particular job. For every 100 workers, 4.4 cases of injury are usually reported.


Growing and gathering crops to feed the rest of the world is a very noble career, but farmers and other agricultural workers compromise their health and safety every day they’re out in the fields. Agricultural tools and equipment can be extremely dangerous if improperly used or maintained, and even the farm animals themselves can be a threat to humans. An average of 4.8 injury cases are reported for every 100 agricultural workers.


The dangers of firefighting are pretty apparent. Smoke inhalation, burns, structural collapses, and falls cause the majority of the injuries. Only the most physically fit individuals are suited for this type of career. Still, nearly 14 out of every 100 firefighters are injured on the job.

Injured on the Job? Get yourself an Injury Lawyer

If you happen to work in one of the high-risk industries and got hurt on the job, consider investing in an injury lawyer for help with your injury claim. In addition to receiving valuable legal advice, your personal injury lawyer could win you significant financial compensation if it’s determined that the injury was not your fault. To find a good injury lawyer, ask friends and family if they’ve had positive experiences with any. If not, you can use local bar association referral services or online resources such as lawyer databases to find someone suitable to represent you. In the end, you’re going to have to sit down with every potential candidate for a consultation to learn exactly what he or she can do for you. Only then will you be able to make the best decision possible.

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