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5 Secrets To Developing Word-of-Mouth Buzz

5 Secrets To Developing Word-of-Mouth Buzz

According to, word of mouth is still one of the most effective ways to market your business. This is because changes in the economy and the tactics your competition may be using to attract customers don’t affect word-of-mouth marketing. Making sure the word spreads about your business has been a tried-and-true promotional method for years now, that that’s not going to change any time soon.

In order to make this form of promotion work for you, here are five tips you can incorporate into the way you do business.

Make Clients Feel Like Partners

When customers are in your store or you’re interacting with them online, let them in on company secrets (with discretion) and ask them how they feel about the products and services you offer. When clients feel like you’re sincerely interested in their feedback, they are more likely to be honest with you–and to tell their friends and family about your company. People want to know that their money is valued, and asking for feedback often will certainly help to spread the word about your company.

Exhibit Stellar Customer Service

One of the best ways to make sure customer keep coming back–and bring other customers with them–is to exhibit the best customer service possible. Greet everyone as they walk in the door. Be helpful and attentive. Remember to smile and thank each customer for his/her purchase. Be patient and pleasant if a customer has a complaint. If your business is online, send a small note with each customer’s purchase receipt thanking them for patronizing your company.

Stay In Touch

Keep in touch with your customers to let them know about the new services and products you’re offering. For instance, services like those that are found at will send out postcards for you that give customers a short message about your discounted services as well as contact information. Put yourself on a marketing schedule so you can send marketing materials via postal mail, email or social media during the holidays or customer birthdays as well. This attention to detail is sure to get customers talking.

Ask Customers to Spread the Word 

If you want clients to tell others about your business, just ask. When you send out a customer survey after a client has purchased an order, include a small note that asks them to tell friends and family about your company. When a client comes into your store, simply ask the client to tell family members and loved ones about the items you have to offer. Chances are the customer will oblige if he/she is completely satisfied.

Offer Incentives 

Give your clients an incentive for spreading the word about your business. Offer a free gift each time a customer refers a certain number of people to patronize your business. Or, provide a discount when a client shares your link on a social media website. When customers know there is a reward for participating in word-of-mouth marketing, they will be more likely to help you engage in effective promoting.

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