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4 Ways To Transform Your Old Marketing Plan

Marketing goods and services to prospective buyers is always filled with trial and error. Businesses often stick with one type of marketing because that is what has always been done. However, there comes a time when the old way of doing things is not producing a good return on investment. Instead of sticking to standard marketing that is ineffective, it is better to seek ways to improve your marketing plan. There are four good ideas you can follow to inject new life into your business.

Focus on Best Prospects

Take a critical look at your marketing plan and consider if you are trying to sell to everyone. This is a common mistake businesses make. Most businesses have a core group of customers that are interested in purchasing what they offer. Zero in on these customers by conducting surveys and analyzing sales data. When you know who your best customers are you can then adjust your marketing materials to target this group.


A contest is a great way to get attention and create fast buzz for your company. Research different ways to set up a contest and choose a method that works best for your company. You can give away one big prize or several prizes. A contest could be used to get ideas for new products and services. Once you have your contest in place use email, fliers and social media to spread the word.

Powerful Postcards

Postcards have long been used as a marketing tool. Many businesses have abandoned them for new digital methods. However, postcard marketing is still an inexpensive way to reach your target market. The key to using them successfully is to have a powerful image tied in with a strong message. For example, a veterinary clinic wants to promote its pet vaccination program. They could order traditional postcards for veterinarians from that focus on pet disease prevention.

Relationship Building Emails

Many businesses like to send out promotional emails to their customer list. However, customers are always more willing to buy when the company takes time to build a good relationship. Your customers are people with needs and interests. Send them useful information and insights. Be more personable. This builds loyalty.

Marketing plans have a tendency to grow stale over time as the dynamics of a customer base shift. By tweaking your marketing strategy, you can quickly turn the tables around and boost sales.

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