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Genius Ideas To Improve Product Deliveries To Your Customers

Genius Ideas To Improve Product Deliveries To Your Customers
Do you sell products to your customers through an e-commerce website? If so, then you will have no doubt have thought about delivery options for your customers. But the problems that many e-commerce websites have is that they don’t offer enough flexibility for customers to be able to order items and get them delivered in ways that are more convenient to them.
And the worst part of all is that if your e-commerce website doesn’t have many (or any) options for customers to choose from, they will likely go to another website that can cater to their specific shipping requirements.
So, if you don’t want to lose customers because they don’t see the shipping options they need, here are some genius ideas to help improve product deliveries to your customers!

Offer Timed-delivery Slots

Although you might offer next day delivery services, some customers prefer to have a timed-delivery slot so that they don’t have to waste a whole day at home waiting around for a courier to deliver their parcel.
DPD, for example, can provide a one-hour time window on the day of delivery, and, of course, they can also offer premium delivery services such as pre-10am, pre-12pm, and Saturday timed slots. If you can get an account with a courier company that offers such services, then your customers will thank you for it!

Make it Easy for Customers to Track Parcels Online

There have been so many times where I have seen e-commerce websites that either don’t offer tracking facilities within the website, or the companies concerned cannot be bothered to update the order status with your tracking number!
This is such a simple feature for an e-commerce website and will make your customers’ lives so much easier. It will also make your lives easier too, because you will have fewer customers contacting you querying where their parcels are!
If you are not a web developer, you should consider hiring one to add a tracking facility to your website. It will definitely be a worthwhile investment.

Think about Customers that might be at Work

Sometimes it is simply not possible for customers to be at home during the week to accept deliveries because they are at work, and for whatever reason they cannot receive personal deliveries at work.
As an alternative, you could offer them the facility to collect their parcels from a secure locker, such as those offered by InPost. Usually located inside convenience stores, they give shoppers the option to collect their parcels on the way home from work, for example.

Offer Collection Options

If your customers live close by to your premises, consider giving them the option to collect their goods in person. It saves your having to package up their goods, and it saves them delivery costs.

Tip: Speak with other Business Owners

One other thing you could do is speak with other business owners to determine what delivery options work best for the types of products you sell, as you want them to be cost-effective both for you and your customers.
ActionCOACH business coaches can also prove to be a great source of information when it comes to utilising cost-effective delivery methods. Check out the ActionCOACH reviews website for more details on how to get in touch with them.

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