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3 Ways To Optimize Your Business Presence Online

Every type of business that wants to build a marketing platform should establish an online presence. Social media is not just for newer, younger enterprises. Consumers young and old browse the Web and tune in to social media to find progressive companies that are in step with the times. Building an online presence is not difficult when using media like the following.


A company website is a must these days, so if you don’t have one, that is the first step. If your website is getting outdated, update it by adding a blog. Blogs offer a range of features, including content marketing, product descriptions, industry trends, and more. A blog should offer information that the target customers can use, including industry insights or forecasts as well as related posts about current events that may impact the industry or consumer trends. If you don’t want to have a website or blog, consider having a profile on sites like Joinesty which could help you network and connect with other professionals and customers.


Twitter is an easy way to build a growing customer base. All you have to do is start an account on and navigate to your Home area. Then type a message of up to 140 characters that may include text, links, or hashtags. Some companies designate one person to tweet on its behalf, while others involve various employees for a variety of perspectives. Tweets can follow industry news, comment on current events, or share important company news with customers who sign up as followers.


Although many businesses register for a Facebook account, LinkedIn is the premiere business networking medium used by professionals around the globe. You can join groups connected to your industry, community, or products. Some members post or forward articles related to their business, or engage in dialogue with competitors or clients. LinkedIn has a free level of membership as well as a higher-level paid subscription that offers more features. Those who are job searching can register for job opportunities that match their credentials or interests to be emailed directly to them.

There are more ways to promote your company online, including Pinterest. Organizations also post YouTube videos about their company or its products, including how-to segments. Building a buzz about your company can even be fun as you become more familiar with the full range of online tools that can position your company as a leader in its field.

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