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3 Packaging Problems That May Be Holding Up Your Business

In today’s world of environmental conscious minds, the packaging material is considered harmful and deleterious to the environment. However, for businesses, the packaging material is essential in attracting clients to purchase the product. The packaging also provides preservation and security to the product. With the growing trends of increased efficiency and cost-cutting measure, these factors are projected to affect the businesses with regards to packaging soon.


A growing concern facing packaging materials is the ability to recycle the material after use. Most products are packaged with double lined material which makes it difficult to recover. Companies prefer layered bags for their light weight and reduce shipping volume. The disadvantage to this is the unavailability of machinery to process such bags for recycling. Ultimately the packaging is not recycled. Soon enough, such products will be phased out because they are not environmentally sustainable. However, packaging makes up for a small proportion of a product’s environmental impact. Consumers are nowadays showing concern on the environmental regard of the product and the company they are purchasing it from.

Convenience Packaging

Growing consumer demand for convenience of packaging will ultimately lead to increased amount of packaging food per unit. Consumers are in need of convenient or quick preparation products served in single portions. Some also demand products that can easily be opened and re-sealed and does not impact on the quality of the product. This alternatively then affects the security of the product. Size is one of the factors that affect recyclability. Single –serving foods or products that require small packaging prove to be a tough sell for recyclers.

State Of Packaging Material

As mentioned earlier, the outer appearance of packaging material affects demand from customers. Buyers’ today demand for tamper evidence. That is packaging with a barrier or a seal, which when broken provides proof of tampering. Consumers are also keen to check on labeling. Besides noting down the name of the company and product, customers are more inclined to packaging which provides more information such as calorific content, instruction details, environmental aspects, bar-coding e.t.c. It is also important to note that regardless of the packaging material of size, consumers demand that all products be fresh upon purchase.

Businesses and environmental sustainability don’t always go hand in hand. In this case, it is important to consider professional packaging options, like those at Acme Case Co Pty Ltd, help to provide efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to all your packaging problems. Outsourcing the packaging bit to environmentally conscious manufacturers is one of the solutions in ensuring your product is not affected.

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