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Worst Study Habits of College Students

Each us knows a lot if banalities about education. These are the simplest things, such as:”Do your homework on time. Be a diligent. Read your textbook”. Everything seems pretty obvious, isn’t it?  You can roll your eyes as much as you want. But even though these things are obvious and we’ve been told this for years, not so many students can actually everything above. The worst thing is that not following these simple principles lead to forming very bad study habit.

Now, look closer to following habits. Maybe you can even recognize yourself here.

  1. Get a study friend

As you stroll through your campus library, you see them all around: books scattered crosswise over tables, tons of empty bottles form energy drinks. Busy students are working on their home assignments or some very important chemistry project, for example.

Group studying.

Some individuals can’t sit with different understudies for a considerable length of time concentrating really hard over substance responses or Freudian brain science; however others can’t get enough of it and appear to discover any reason to get together and “go over” the most recent lectures.

What way is the best though?

Studying with another person can help you stay responsible (for example, many says that it is easier for them to do the custom essay writing with somebody else), yet that is essentially everything it can do. Yes, knowing somebody is sitting tight for you at 6pm at the library is inspiration enough to get your butt out the entryway, and split that record book that overall would stay on the carpet in the corner of your apartment. Yet doing practice issues with someone else is the snappiest approach to trick yourself into supposing you can replicate it yourself on an exam.

  1. Go through notes after class

For your information, this is completely ineffective waste of time.  Even though it has been proved some time ago already, many teachers insist on its effectiveness.

It is ineffective because a human body stores all new information differently.  Quiz yourself instead.

Attempt to re-make the key ideas or take care of a couple of practice issues without alluding to your notes from class. Do this again a day or two later.

  1. Read chapter before your lecture begins

Do you remember your college professor telling you to go through some new chapter by tomorrow and you will review in the class? Naturally you think: “Why should I do this job twice?”

Yes, because this is ineffective as well. From one side, repetition improves your ability to recall something later. Therefore, use this time to review a previous lecture. This way you will be better prepared to you finals.

These are the things that your teacher will never tell you. They could tell you if they knew this information. But they are focused on what they’ve been told before. It is only up to you whether you manage or not to make your study process way more effective. Time matters a lot. Make sure you organize yours wisely enough.

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