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Why Water Play is Beneficial For Children

Water Play

Summer is the perfect time to explore and nothing is more fun than time in the water. From the ocean, a lake, a creek, community pool or one in your own backyard, playing in the water helps your child grow and develop in these essential ways. You will always want to make sure they are safe from the pool thanks to a Katchakid pool nets.

Balance and Strength

Although it may not appear that way water play can help improve a child’s strength and balance. Playing in water is like experiencing a whole new playground, just clapping their hands and jumping is a whole new sensory experience. Your child can try new things without fear of falling or hitting hard surfaces and the resistance of the water builds their strength. Moving arms and legs in the water is harder than it is to move arms and legs through air.


The movements used as your child learns to swim develop motor skills and helps improve coordination. Kicking their feet and legs in the water engages their core and the motion of coordinating both sides of their body to move through the water helps with their coordination. Even as they swim, dance and throw objects in the water they develop better coordination.

Communication and Social Skills

Water play allows them to explore and interact with each other as they share this new experience together. Through play they are excited to communicate that discovery to everyone around them. Sharing in a limited space with few supplies children can practice sharing and working together while engaged in play. There are many opportunities for communication to develop and social growth during water play.

Exploration and Learning

From the ocean to creeks to a wading pool in your own yard, water offers endless opportunities for new physical experiments and discoveries. We’ve all seen how children like to touch and taste each new discovery as they learn about the world around them. They may have already investigated  wood, dirt, sand, rocks or other substances. But what happens when these substances are mixed sifted or dropped in the water. Discovering that a piece of wood or ball may float while sand sinks and dirt muddies the water are new experiences for a curious mind. Time at the ocean or creek can provide the chance for them to see some life forms like fish or frogs that live in the water.

Water play can be a fun, whether a  summertime activity or at your community pool and beneficial for your child as you can see. It is important to remember to never let children play near water unsupervised, even shallow water can prove dangerous. If you have a backyard pool consider installing a pool net or pool cover that will provide safety for your children and peace of mind for you.

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