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Taking Care Of Your Business’s Floors

Commercial flooring materials tend to be very different from the kinds used in residential applications. They need special care. Commercial tiles, stone and other hard floors, for example, tend to come with abrasive anti-slip coatings that cleaning personnel need special training to work with. They need to be cleaned with special commercial mops that are able to stand up to the roughness of the coatings. Cleaning personnel need to know flooring technology well enough to know when recoating may be necessary, as well.


Regular janitorial staff typically do not possess the expertise needed to adequately care for commercial flooring installations. It’s up to employers to set up cleaning policies, inspect, supervise and train. While many large businesses are able to set up such programs, smaller businesses find it hard. Outsourcing to professional services that specialize in commercial carpet cleaning and floor cleaning makes sense for them.

Hiring Professionals is Important

In the event of a slip or trip incident at a place of business, it’s important to be able to prove adequate floor maintenance. Being able to point to a professional service can make the process easier. Working with a professional cleaning service also ensures compliance with warranty restrictions by commercial flooring manufacturers. Untrained cleaning crews using the wrong cleaning method can quickly void warranties.

Commercial Cleaning Crews bring Professionalism to the Job

Many businesses fail to recognize the complexities involved in a quality cleaning job. It takes high levels of training in a crew to be able to keep up with the dozens of areas that commercial cleaning requires.

Use of the Right Spotting Agent

It’s important to pretest every spotting agent under consideration for use on flooring materials. The wrong agent can cause visible damage.

Monitoring for the Right Amount of Moisture

Cleaning with excessive moisture creates wick-back effects that leave chemical residue behind.

Monitoring Machine Speeds

It’s important to be able to judge soil levels in areas to be cleaned, and to keep cleaning speeds in line.

Judging Hot Water Extraction Speeds

Crews need to pay attention to hot water extraction progress as a way to judge cleaning efficiency.

Creating Maintenance Schedules

When it comes to commercial floor cleaning, one-size-fits-all plans don’t work. Maintenance crews need to create custom plans for each business that take its specific needs into account. Determining the right cleaning intervals for each kind of flooring is vital to retaining floor safety, appearance, and warranty coverage.

All businesses need to do when it comes to adequate flooring care is to recognize the complexities involved. The right outsourcing decision is likely to quickly follow.

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