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Why Using Architectural Shingles For Your Roof Is a Must

Architectural Roof Shingles

You are coming home from work one day and notice that your roof looks really bad. It is raining outside, and you are laying out most of your cooking pots inside because the roof is leaking. After a bad hailstorm, you see the damage that your roof has suffered. Anyone of these scenarios could have played out with but they all have one thing in common. You need a new roof. If you are asking yourself how you are going to go about getting that taken care of? Consider your finances first. What can you afford? Do you have what you need to splurge a little? If so, there are some alternatives than the mundane asphalt that you are used to seeing. One of them that truly sticks out are shingles. These are architectural in nature and will give your home a very nice look from the outside. So why go with shingles? There are several reasons that these are better than the traditional roof.

Your Home Is Spiced Up

If you are looking for the property value to stay up on your home, shingles will help you with. You can bring value to the neighborhood in general with a new look. They are nicely designed to give your home a very good curb appeal. Plus, everyone will notice how gorgeous your home looks with a new modern twist. If you ever decide to sell your house, architectural roof shingles will be part of the reason that you are able to sell fast. Just having a full roof display of beautiful shingles will make a home feel inviting. It can pop out as a look that other homes in the neighborhood just do not have. People will stop by and want to know how you got your home and the shingles to coordinate so well with colors. You can get shingles in some very nice colors that would compliment the color of your home. The house can be very old, but if you add the right color shingles, it will make it look very up to date. Not only that, you can get them in some very nice patterns and design that will spice up your roof, home, and neighborhood. Are you in need of a new roof? Going with shingles just makes it better.

They Last Longer

If you do not want to find yourself down the road needing another roof replacement, these architectural shingles are the better deal for you. First, they withstand most storms and damage better than asphalt. Secondly, you will find that is a longer lasting roof material as they go for about 50 years and possibly more before it is time to get another repair. That is almost a lifetime and several generations of whoever might live in that home. You can not top that with asphalt, it will last at least 10 to 20 years and you may find yourself with an unexpected repair before then. Also, architectural shingles do not need a lot of maintenance. You are buying a premium shingle that will give you fewer problems. With these shingles being thicker and very heavy, the wind will not rip them off the roof. They have the ability to withstand a lot of windstorms. This why that add so much value to a home. You are looking at less damage when it comes to the roof and therefore less money coming out of your pocket for repair. That sounds lovely compared to what regular shingles and traditional asphalt roofing can offer. It does not matter what type of roof you have, you can use these for everyone of them. Just think where you are living now. It is cold and there is a winter storm coming. Unlike the traditional roof, the architectural shingle does not hold snow. It slides right off instead. So rain or snow, you do not worry about water sitting on top of your home and leaking through. This is part of why they last so long and maintenance is not needed all of the time.

Saving Money On Your Energy Bills

Having a thicker premium shingle will save you money. These shingles cover every inch of your roof without letting the heat get in. So you will stay cooler in the summer without turning down your thermostat. You will not have to worry about drafts and a lot of coldness in the winter because these shingles can keep the wind from peering through. Your wallet will thank you because these shingles tend to pay for themselves when it comes to saving energy in your home. You will notice the difference in your monthly bills as to how much energy your home is actually consuming when it comes to heating and cooling with a different type of roof. Everyone likes the idea of saving money and usually, the energy bill is the most popular choice. If that speaks volumes to you then you may want to consider getting  premium architectural shingles as the best idea.

Affordable Pricing

Yes, architectural shingles do cost more, however, in the long run, look at your save in maintenance, energy, and replacement costs. None of these require that you come out of pocket for much, and you are looking at how the overall cost is significantly low with architectural shingles than with the regular standard shingles or asphalt roof. You get huge savings out of it. It is sometimes better to spend more in order to save more, especially if the product is going to be worth it for you. Just imagine living in your home for most of a lifetime or selling your home at a better price all because of the value that your roof brings to you.

Having architectural roof shingles are exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to really weatherproofing your home. You can see the value of what you will get out of it in terms of affordability. Plus, your home will be the nicest one in the neighborhood. See more visit: Paletz Roofing

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