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Advantages of Buying Used Office Furniture in Miami

used office furniture in Miami

Amongst cities in the U.S., Miami is a rapidly growing city especially in regards to businesses. Every day, new businesses are created increasing the rate of office spaces being purchased. After an office space has been secured, a major issue most business owners find relates to filling these offices with the necessary equipment for employees to do their job. In most cases, these business owners sway between the idea of purchasing new items or buying used items. There are great pros and cons for each option, and while there might be fears regarding the purchase of old furniture – specifically pertaining to the quality and condition of said pieces; here are a few advantages to buying used office equipment.

Cheaper Rate/Save Money

In any monetary transaction, money is always a major concern. Consumers are constantly looking for deals and the cheapest option they can find, often at the detriment to quality. Nobody wants to be duped into paying an exorbitant price for an item which has a cheaper market value. Using e-commerce sites, you might not be able to find a great deal and might even be forced to upsale. On the other hand, finding something within budget might also mean purchasing an item that is significantly outdated and one that might not adhere to the office aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Nevertheless, purchasing used office furniture means buying contemporary and still popular pieces at a cheaper rate. When new, most pieces can cost in excess of $1000, however when purchased used, you could achieve a piece half or even a quarter of the original price.

It cannot be understated how much money you could potentially save from purchasing used furniture. Furthermore, nobody is going to know the item was used especially if it was well maintained. Some pieces might even be display pieces ensuring their quality. For new business owners, any way in which a few bucks could be saved will help grow their business exponentially.


Usually, consumers wish to make a one-time purchase – something that works the first time it is used and continues to work over the next few years. Reliability is often a huge concern for most people. Very rarely can an item guarantee reliability but this isn’t always the case.

A lot of used furniture pieces are reliable, they are tried and true. If they have been able to serve their function in a previous business, then it is incredibly likely that they’ll survive working in yours. Most of these pieces are up for resale due to aesthetic or differences in need. Their functionality usually isn’t compromised.

When buying new, you cannot guarantee that the furniture you purchased will last you a long time. Often, there is a level of assumption that it will simply because the item is new. Traditionally, most new items do last a while however there is no sure sign that it will. Used furniture can guarantee longevity.

If for any reason, the furniture is not in a great condition, most items can be refurbished to look brand new. The cost of this process is relatively low in most cases. So there shouldn’t be any reason why your furniture can’t last a while.

Fast Delivery

Compared to new furniture, used furniture is likely to be delivered faster. The item is not coming from a factory in another country and doesn’t need to pass borders. Purchasing from a used office furniture store in Miami means that these items are coming from Miami. Less time waiting for delivery means, more time organizing and decorating your office space. In most cases, people have been known to get their furniture within 10 days. Additionally, as a lot of these items are used, they are also pre-assembled; resulting in less time wasted in setup.

Less waiting time and more time for action – this is what purchasing used furniture can get you. You don’t want to be left stranded, unprepared with new employees and no place for them to work. The time you could save by buying used could be huge. Now you have the time to dedicate to other areas in your business, creating growth and revenue.

Eco-Friendly (Reusing instead of Throwing Away)

By reusing used office furniture, you are creating a far more eco-friendly solution. As most of these pieces were unwanted by their previous owners, they were likely to have been thrown away. A lot of the wooden items will take a while to decompose. These used items sitting in landfill are hugely detrimental to our planet. Therefore, reusing used furniture serves to be the best policy. Conducting this strategy could also help your business gain LEED points in waste management, materials and resources reuse and recycled content. A more environmentally conscious business is more likely to gain business from other clients. For most people, an eco-friendly environment is a highly sought after trait in a business.

While for most there is an unsaid allure to purchasing items new; buying used furniture can be hugely beneficial. For most new businesses, a budget exists on how much can be spent on office furniture. With used items, you are less likely to go over your proposed budget. The money you save can then be attributed to other areas in your business where the funding might be necessary. With low costs in refurbishment and upholstery, you can maintain the functionality of your used office pieces for a long time or until you wish to replace them. Delivery time can also be a major drag for most business owners. Used furniture reduces the wait-time significantly. Additionally, pollution is a major problem amongst businesses – lessening your carbon footprint is an ideal most business owners are trying to attain. You can start today by purchasing used furniture. For those looking to get started, used furniture offers the most beneficial aspects to most new business owners. It cannot be understated the huge benefits one could achieve in selecting this option. Hopefully, the points displayed have swayed you towards the used furniture side of the spectrum. Have fun and good luck shopping!

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