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Why Should You Drink Out Of A Straw?

Why Should You Drink Out Of A Straw?

It’s quite common to use straw in restaurants, however, it’s not that common for people to be drinking through straws in the office or home.

According to Surrey dentists, there are a number of health benefits of drinking through straw that may help in encouraging people to change their perceptions about using it and may change their drinking habits.

Why Should You Drink Out Of A Straw?

Drinking through a straw causes less enamel deterioration and less tooth sensitivity.

Acidic beverages like lemonade and alcoholic drinks can be responsible for wearing away the layer of enamel present on the teeth because of their high acidic pH levels. This will result to tooth sensitivity and increases the risk for oral-related conditions since the teeth is no longer protected as they would have been. If you drink acidic beverages through a drinking straw, the beverages will have less contact with your teeth, lowering the chances of enamel wearing and tooth sensitivity.

It also helps prevent cavities.

Drinks high in sugar content when sipped through a cup will directly contact the teeth, leaving sugar residue on the teeth and increasing the risk for formation of cavity. Drinking using a straw will help prevent this from happening.

Straws allow beverages that are prone to stain the teeth

It’s a fact that drinking dark and strong beverages will stain the teeth over time. Examples of such beverages are coffee and tea. But, don’t let this fact get you down and reduce your consumption of these drinks. As a mean to prevent staining, you may drink these beverages using a drinking straw to keep your white teeth as white as possible.

It may help improve hygiene.

Glasses that restaurants use may be a host for many germs and bacteria because of the number of people they are exposed to. Even disposable cups can be a host of such pathogens, so by drinking through a straw, you can reduce the likelihood of getting exposed to germs and bacteria that can make you sick or cause oral health problems.

For the above-mentioned benefits, it can be beneficial to drink through a straw. By simply using a straw, you can prevent cavities, enamel deterioration, lessen the chances of getting sensitive tooth, avoid teeth staining and avoid contacting harmful pathogens through the dishes.

Thanks to Proactive Dental Studio for these reasons why you should use a straw.

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