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The Next Step: What To Do After Getting Your CDL

The Next Step: What To Do After Getting Your CDL

Receiving your commercial driver’s license or CDL is a pretty monumental achievement. It allows you to drive commercial vehicles, which vary based on class. This opens your employment options up considerably. If you are unsure of what to do after getting your CDL, this article is for you. Here are four tips for what to do after getting your CDL.


Obtaining your CDL shows that you know how to handle a more challenging vehicle than others. However, passing the test doesn’t mean you have free reign to ignore rules or let your driving go downhill (metaphorically). Before you start a new job, you should be honing your skills. If you purchase a truck of your own, you can take it out on the roads to get a sense of how it handles and how good you are about driving it.

Find work

If you’re getting a CDL, odds are it’s because you want to drive for a living. What type of job you obtain will be based on the class of your license. It’s best to have an idea about what kind of job you’d like to work before applying for a CDL. You should also be realistic about what sort of driving and work you can tolerate. If you don’t like the idea of having to work long, overnight shifts, you shouldn’t apply to be a long-distance delivery driver.

Know the rules

In order to hold onto your CDL for the rest of your professional life, you need to make sure you’re using it properly. The grounds for suspension or revocation of your CDL are easy to understand, as they’re on par with the ones for a regular driver’s license. Use the power of your CDL with responsibility, and you’ll be able to keep it.

Buy your own truck

This isn’t absolutely necessary and might be impractical if you’re looking for a work driving with a company that has designated, trademarked vehicles such as UPS or FedEx. However, having your own truck can make a great difference. For instance, if you’re wanting to start your own moving company, you will need at least one truck in your arsenal. Look around for reliable vehicles within your price range by working with dealerships like Arrow Truck Sales or similar businesses.

We hope this has given you a good idea of what to do after getting your CDL. Having that certification opens plenty of doors for work opportunities, and it’s up to you to make the most of them.

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