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Rising to the limelight only in recent times, vision boards have been around for a long time. Even ancient are the principles that they work on. But before diving into the working principles, let’s understand what vision boardsare.

Vision Boards

Quite literally, it is a board that helps you build your vision. This vision can be of anything, your future, goals, ambitions, your past or present. Anything you want. Vision board is  essentially a tool to help you visualise your own power and capabilities as well as your limits and a way to break them. But this is only possible if you them work.

Will It Work For Me?

A vision board cannot work on itself. You will have to give it access to you by dedication and regularly seeing it, thus giving it access to your thoughts. If you can offer a little bit of consistency, your vision board will definitely work for you. But creating a vision board is not a guarantee that you will achieve all your goals. It has to be used as a tool to find your capabilities and to put them to use and further the journey towards your ambitions. It will take conscious efforts to practice visualising and gathering enough motivation to work on them. Vision boards just make the process more organised and easier by helping your subconscious mind work in sync with your conscious one.

The Working Principle

Vision boards work on the law of attraction. In layman’s terms, you attract what you think about and visualise. You think about what you want and visualise it consistently. We already have the power to achieve what we want. What we need is direction towards harnessing it and realising our goals. So many writers have written about the power of mind. Science itself shows that the mind can be reset into believing what you want it to believe. Celebrities have shared their experiences how visualising themselves as already successful and believing it, they got from rags to riches.

But what’s important is to visualise correctly. It takes a lot of practice and consistency. The right way to concentrate plays a crucial role in the entire process and to realise the law of attraction. A vision board helps you to use this law better in your own favour.

How, you ask?

Setting up a vision board needs you to self assess.You need to organise your thoughts to find out what your goals are and set them in order of preference. This helps you understand what is more important to you and how you want your future to be. The biggest perk of this self assessment is clarity. Once you are clear on what you really want, it becomes way easier to work towards it. It will help you channelise your energy towards realising your goals and making yourself better in every way.    

How Do I start?

As they say, starting is the hardest part. You will have to sit down with your thoughts and find out what you really want for yourself. Once you figure that out, look for things that remind you of it and motivate you in that direction. You can use words, pictures, art, anything at all that motivates you.  Collect them and add them to your vision board. You can make a vision board online or create a physical one to add to your room. You can also create more than one and give them a dedicated purpose. For example, you can make one to help you develop healthy lifestyle, another to help you motivate to study and yet another one to help you be more optimistic and less self deprecating.

You can use vision boards for any goal, however small or huge and add whatever you want. The only rule is “no negativity”. It seems difficult at first, but once you get to it, the process is simple and relaxing. If you’re not into crafting and creating a physical one, download an app and create your vision board online to start your journey towards realising your own power.

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