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While it is crucial for guest houses to attract new customers with better internet presence, good offers and easy and open access for enquiry booking, it is equally, if not more, important to provide quality service to the customers once they’ve finally made a booking.

Satisfied customers can prove to be the biggest asset for the growth of your business and be the best advertisement for your services.

The quality of your service is reflected in many a little details. Here are some of the important ones :


The kind and variety of toiletries a guest house provides is one of the biggest marks of the quality of its service. The size, brand as well as generous offering, everything makes a difference. Even the quality of napkins and other paper products provided mirrors the efforts put in by the guest house towards providing their customers a good experience and making the stay more comfortable.

Priority To Hygiene

Hygiene is the most visible mark of quality in any guest house. Cleanliness overlooked can prove to be very costly for any guest house. Neat bed sheets, clean and dry bathrooms, organised toiletries, good fragrance in the rooms and lobbies make for a great staying experience for your customers. So put in efforts to prioritise cleanliness. Clean the rooms and bathrooms everyday. Offer fresh towels and bed sheets to enrich your customers’ stay in your facility.


It may not seem that big a deal, but wi-fi availability makes a lot of difference in the overall experience of your customers. A good wifi connection can dramatically improve the customer’s feedback to your services. Whether for business or to post on and scroll through social media, your guests heavily depend on internet services. So invest in a decent wifi network and ensure a positive feedback from your customers.

Payment Options

Ease of transaction is a big factor in improving your customer satisfaction rating. Including multiple payment options make for an easy check-in and check-out process which ultimately adds to the convenience of the customers. Include card and online wallet payment gateways to ensure a smooth transaction with minimum efforts and you’ll see those ratings go up soon.

Staff Politeness

The biggest and most remarkable sign of quality of your service is the behaviour and responsiveness of your staff. While it is common for customers to have grievances or face problems during their stay, polite staff that responds instantly to solve the grievance of the customer can cover up for a lot many mishaps. Treat your customers with respect and train the staff to be receptive of the problems of the customers and be quick in resolving them.

These little details reflect how important customer satisfaction is for you. Even things as little as proactively offering extra toiletries to your customers have a huge impact on the overall impression of your service to the guests. Invest in these small details and you will see results in the form of customers coming back and even referring your facility to others. Everything that goes into making your guests’ stay comfortable is a good investment, because a happy customer is the best marketing strategy.

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