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No longer is green building just a movement. It has evolved into a mandatory standard that needs to be followed by the construction companies to ensure minimum damage to the environment and encouraging sustainable development. A movement that started in 1970 has laid and strengthened its roots not just to generate awareness but demand a better utilization of natural resources to enhance living.

Green building professionals in this time and age have to be abreast with what designing, planning and constructing would harm the environment the least and also heighten not only the standards of living but the quality of life as well. Green design professionals have to stay up to date with the latest trends in green building construction.


2018 was all about manufacturing healthy building and giving occupants be it family members or employees of an organizational structure quality air to breathe and live in. It also called for material transparency from designing firms, certification agencies to ensure that the materials being used in the construction promote healthy living.

In our today’s post we are going to discuss the 2019 trends that every green design professional should know of:

Analyzing building performance:

As important as it is to build a greener residential or commercial area, equally important is to examine the building performance with early analysis tools which will help provide an early insight into the energy efficiency and thereby support the green building professionals with the designing of the building into a more sustainable one. Energy analysis tools can help with the fundamental design decision that has the potential to have a considerable impact on the occupant’s life.

More connectivity to the natural environment:

In this hustle bustle of life, people despite having a jam-packed schedule are tracing their footsteps back to the environment. Biophilic or enhancing connectivity of the building occupant with the natural environment through the use of natural resources is being seen as a means to improve the indoor environment by leveraging the nature directly such as climate, etc.

Using real-time data:

Which field of interest isn’t data impacting? Real-time data reception can help with building designing and management. While there is a rise of smart building, so is its alignment with the green building construction, which will help occupant not only live a more accessible but also a  healthier lifestyle. Take, for instance, the sensory devices that will help in making the green building management system more predictive.

Aforementioned are just a few of the many green building trends that every professional should know of and accordingly plan and implement. Following them will further strengthen the green building ideology. Green building is no longer an option and should not be perceived as one. Considering the rate at which our environment and the natural resources are getting depleted, it is a matter of urgency to plan, design and implement an effective green building construction strategy.

If you own or operate a traditional building, its time to get it converted into a green building. Consult a green building professional or an agency that holds certificates of ruptured international organizations working towards sustainable development,

Why go for certified green designed professionals?

Because certification ensures credibility to the projects which mean that you can rest assured that the materials being used are only going to contribute to a healthier lifestyle and enhance the quality of life.


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