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How to Avoid Common Plumbing Scams

Whether it’s a leaky pipe that needs fixing or a bathroom or kitchen reno project you’re going to be needing the services of a Victoria plumber. In most cities there’s a long list of plumbers but unfortunately all of them are not going to treat you fairly. To be sure you’re not the victim of a scam let’s take a look at the top 4 scams and tips on how to avoid them.

The “three dressed up as a nine”

The first way you might get ripped off is in the materials used, most homeowners are ready to pay for copper tubing or high quality cross linked polyethylene ( PEX ) piping. The plumber might say they’re using the best materials then use cheaper materials while charging you for the best quality. You can beat this scam by taking a copy of the materials list to you local home improvement store to check prices. If the plumber is using high end materials but overcharging call his/her bluff. If they are using low end materials but charging for high end find yourself a new plumber. Finally check that the materials behind your walls match the quality of those listed.

The Busy Beaver

You might notice about a week into the project there are more people in your home than seems necessary. They might be apprentices but some contractors ramp up their profits by subcontracting part of the job. Always ask why each person is needed and stop work immediately if you feel you are being scammed in the manner.

The Golden Spoon

There are no guidelines for what a plumber charges so if you happen to live in an affluent area you may wind up being charged 50 to 100 % more. That expensive car in the driveway or high end big screen TV has them seeing dollar signs. By getting at least 3 quotes for the work you can be sure you get a fair price.

The Evasive Estimator

This scammer can’t seem to get to that written quote, he tells you he has a running total in his head, or he’s too busy to produce a written quote. Weeks go by and no paper estimate and you wind up paying two to three times the original verbal estimate. Never let any work start until you have a written quote and detailed materials list.

How to Spot a Scam

The best advice is to hire a reputable professional, and ask a lot of questions. Too many homeowners are afraid to ask questions something any reputable plumbers in Victoria BC would be happy to answer.

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